Man Forced To Leave College For Resembling A Female Student’s Rapist

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Man Forced To Leave College For Reminding Female Student Of Her Rapist

As long as you get semi-decent grades, maintain a steady source of income to pay for tuition (most people’s parents cover this part), and refrain from ripping the water fountain off the wall after getting blasted in your dorm room, you should manage to avoid being booted from your university.

Unfortunately for one unnamed man at an unnamed liberal arts college in Oregon, he played by the rules and still got the ax — all for merely resembling the rapist of a fellow female student.

From Campus Reform:

In a recent commentary in the Harvard Law Review, Professor Janet Halley exposed a case from an unnamed liberal arts university in Oregon in which a student was “ordered to stay away from a fellow student (cutting him off from his housing, his campus job, and educational opportunity) —- all because he reminded her of the man who had raped her months before and thousands of miles away.”

The student, also unnamed, was found to be innocent of any misconduct. Even so, the order remained in place, putting him at constant risk of violating it and facing disciplinary action.

While the university didn’t technically kick him out, a restraining order that prevents him from coming within sight of another student severely limits the possibility of going to class. Maybe he can squeeze in all his classes while she’s away on break?

This is one of the most ridiculously unfair things I’ve ever heard of. There are so many questions left unanswered. Just to list the first few that pop into my head:

1. How the fuck was this allowed to happen?
2. Why didn’t the girl leave instead?
3. Is the dude being given some compensation for being forced to leave? (I think a full-ride to any college of his choosing would be somewhat closer to the realm of a fair trade.)
4. How the flying, ghastly fuck was this allowed to happen?

Numbers two and three remain a mystery — and will probably remain a mystery given how much protection these kinds of cases hide behind — but the answer to one and four come in the form of another number: nine. Title IX, that is. The educational amendment that is universally lauded for giving women the opportunity to compete in university-funded sports programs has a bitchy second head, like that girl (those girls?) from “American Horror Story,” which deals with anything that could be considered sexual discrimination.

That head has been quietly butt-fucking a slew of men since Title IX was implemented in 1972, and Halley wants to cut it off. She’s starting with Harvard, but would undoubtedly like to see campuses nationwide follow suit.

With regard to Title IX at Harvard, she says that there exists an undeniable bias in the way that alleged rape cases are handled that favors women.

Halley goes on to write that such commitment prohibits women “from assuming agency about their own lives.”

“Since when was that a feminist idea?” she asks.

I don’t know why the Title IX office was even involved in the first place. How does the case of a girl who gets anxiety from a fellow student because he resembles her rapist fall under the umbrella of sexual discrimination? If anything, it seems like the male is the one being discriminated against.

I also don’t know exactly how this guy reminded the female student of her rapist, but to prevent this from happening again, here’s some advice the rest of us college men should take to heart:

– Don’t wear hoodies, especially dark-colored ones (this should be a given).
– Don’t look at a girl’s ass. Yup, that ship has sailed, even if it’s in yoga pants.
– Don’t make eye contact with an unfamiliar woman for more than two seconds.
– Pickup lines must not stray from the basics: “What’s your name?” “What’s your major?” “I hope my advances won’t be construed as an attempt at forcing myself on you against your will, but may I ask if you would accompany me to the cinema this evening?”

What I do know is that feminism is a raging hurricane of one-sided legislation, estrogen, and bowl cuts. The only thing us men can do to shelter ourselves from the storm is to hunker down somewhere safe, keep to ourselves, and try not to look too rapey.

[via Campus Reform]

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