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Man Claims To Be “Under Siege” By Nearby UC Berkeley Fraternities, Can’t Believe There Are Shenanigans On Fraternity Row

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On-campus housing is the way to go. You and your fellow Greeks have free reign to act in ways that a civilized society would deem tasteless and barbarian. Unfortunately, not every university accommodates on-campus Greek housing, and it is then that we find stories from people like Paul Ghysels, a man who claims to be “under siege” by UC Berkeley’s fraternities.

Ghysels lives on fraternity row and appears to be in a real life “Neighbors” situation. Although he lives among 34 fraternities houses, he expects quiet and sanity — two traits that he is unlikely to ever experience.

Ghysels isn’t crazy. He’s not, I swear. He only installed $60,000 in surveillance equipment and contacted ABC’s “20/20” with a list (and a collection of surveillance videos) of incidents related to the fraternities. Let’s look at a few of them.

From ABC:

He said he has captured footage of half-naked women, public urination just outside his window and plenty of other lewd and aggressive behavior.

Eh, you’d find that outside of GDI houses, too. Well, all of that minus the “half-naked women.” We all know those might as well be unicorns outside of fraternity row.

“I have video of them throwing 1.75-liter glass bottles of vodka off their tower, at the front door of our house,” he said.

First off, that’s called a handle, bro. Secondly, that is a helluva distance to launch a handle. Instead of whining, you should be impressed that such a degenerate is able to maintain the level of arm strength necessary to complete such a feat.

He said some of his fraternity neighbors began to break into his house, throw pieces of furniture on his roof, vomit and defecate near his property line, even leave him death threats on his answering machine.

I cannot fathom that they actually attempted to break into your house. Other than an extra-large bottle of Midol for the slam who won’t stop bitching, there cannot be much worth stealing to an intoxicated fraternity brother. As for that other shit, it’s their yard. Until it crosses your property line, fuck off.

“We’re under siege and we’re not getting really any help from the university or the authorities,” he said.

Yes, you are surely “under siege.” No exaggeration to be found in that claim.

Ghysels has since moved out of his house, leaving it to a family member, but he is still determined to fuck up some of those frat hoodlums. He has since filed a massive lawsuit against every UC Berkeley fraternity. Actually, this will be his second lawsuit — his first lawsuit was shockingly dismissed.

TFTC, bitch.

[via ABC]

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