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Making Peace With A Sorority You’ve Wronged

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There are a few constants in nearly every fraternity man’s tenure on campus. Classes will be skipped. Random items scattered across your house will unavoidably be set aflame. Sorority girls will be befriended, and you’ll ultimately end up performing an act so heinous that you get banned from their future functions.

Maybe you made out with one too many members of a new pledge class. Perhaps your actions at semiformal got you a one-way ticket to the blacklist. You may have even gone far enough to expel some type of bodily fluid on the standards chair. No matter how you received the proverbial blackball, being forbidden from interacting with a sorority just plain sucks.

All hope isn’t lost. No matter how permanent the ban from your favorite group of 150 undeniably attractive girls may seem, there is always a way to make amends and fall back into their good graces.

Receiving the forgiveness of an entire sorority isn’t easy, but by taking a few steps in the right direction you’ll be back on the potential date list for functions in no time.

Stop Being An Asshole

The first step to any problem is admitting you have one. Let’s face it, if you did something horrible enough to be banned from an entire sorority, then you probably deserve what you got.

I’m not saying you have to bake them a brownie platter in the shape of a heart. Just have a good look at the flaws in your character that led to this banishment, and adjust yourself accordingly. If a long night out turns you into a bumbling offensive d-bag, then maybe it’s time to take it easy the next weekend.

Apologize To The Girl(s) You Offended

You might take a Too Frat To Care attitude for most issues in your life, but when it comes to making amends with a pissed off sorority girl TFTC quickly turns into TFTEAAWTSA: Too Frat To Ever Attend Anything With That Sorority Again.

Admitting you occasionally act like a Godzilla-esque destructive force of nature isn’t fun, but it’s a step towards the maturity that our parents all desperately hope we’re achieving in our college years. It makes you look like a gentleman, and more importantly it makes you 1000% more likely to get a little more intimate with that pristine new pledge class.

Make Peace, Not War

One of the biggest moments in every man’s maturity is the moment when he realizes he should take responsibility for his actions to achieve the greater good. In this case, the greater good means more date functions, more free events, and just more fun in general. You’re allowed to have a good time while doing the morally right thing, believe it or not.

No matter the motives, it’s always in your best interest to remedy any fury that a sorority spurns you with. Chances are you deserved it. Fixing the situation not only makes your life a little easier, but it always improves the public opinion of your own house. Nobody’s getting any action when all the girls can do is complain to your friends about how much of a tool you are.

Make peace, not war. College is that special time in a kid’s life where you can develop your social skills over the course of four to six years, and it’s a hell of a lot easier when over 150 women don’t curse the ground you walk on.

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