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Looks Like That Georgia Tech DB Got KOed Not Once, But TWICE In The Same Day By The Same Teammate

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georgia tech football fight

Last week, following my daily scouring of the deepest and darkest smut centers of the interwebs, I reported on footage released by TMZ that showed Georgia Tech defensive back Step Durham treating his fellow DB Lance Austin to the ol’ one-punch KO special. Well, it turns out that there was a same-day pairing to the punch heard ’round the Georgia Tech training center — and it resulted in another definitive L for poor Mr. Austin.

Apparently not much is known about what caused the ensuing shenaniganery other than Georgia Tech officials informing TMZ that it was related to the same incident as the earlier fight video.

It doesn’t look like Durham or Austin have really elaborated on what caused the beef either, though Durham did issue an apology statement last week and Austin followed up and said that he forgave Durham for repeatedly cleaning his clock. There was something about Durham’s initial apology, though, that I found to be unintentionally hilarious, especially given the release of the second video (emphasis my own).

From Channel 2 Action News:

First off, I would like to start by apologizing to Georgia Tech, my teammates – especially Lance Austin – and my coaches, fans and family for bringing a negative light on the school, the football program and my name.

My actions in the video that was made public today were unacceptable and the dispute should have been handled in a more adult manner. Taking disputes to a physical level is never the answer and I hope my peers take note of my mistake.

The incident occurred during the spring, which gave Lance and me an opportunity to discuss the matter and put it aside a long time ago. Lance and I have always had a brother-like relationship and brothers sometimes fight but, as I said before, the situation should have been handled in a more mature manner. I’m glad that even after the incident, our friendship remains strong.

I’m deeply sorry for my actions and, being an adult, I understand that consequences and judgment come with the actions shown. I hope to prove to those who don’t know me that I’m not a violent person whatsoever. I would respectfully ask those that have viewed the video not judge or categorize Lance or me based on what they saw in the video alone. Thank you.

“I hope to prove to those who don’t know me that I’m not a violent person whatsoever.” Definitely not on pace for that one, my dude. Sure, odds are that Austin probably started this second fight to make up for his first-round embarrassment (TMZ reports that this fight is allegedly the second of the two). Even so, in the court of public perception, if there’s footage of you knocking out a dude not once, but twice? You’re going to come off as a violent person.

This is something that both Austin and Durham appear to have put in the rearview, and it’s shitty that someone had to release it now to stir up old shit. But you know what they say: smut has no shelf life.

[via TMZ, Channel 2 Action News]

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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