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Is This The End Of “Locker Room Talk” As We Know It?

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Sunday night’s game of liar’s poker presidential debate started off right where it was expected to; the recording of a conversation Donald Trump had 11 years ago with Billy Bush in which he is heard making lewd, sexual remarks that sparked national outrage took center stage.

For starters, I’m not sure why anyone was shocked by these remarks. Trump has made no real attempt to cover up his past behavior. In fact, he seems rather proud of it. From what I’ve seen out of his rolodex of women over the years, I can’t say I blame him. This is the Trump America knew they would be getting from day 1. There should’ve been no surprise that these words were ever uttered by the Don. Say what you will about how un-presidential those comments were and how it was embarrassing as a nation to have this topic as a focal point at the debate. I won’t argue that it wasn’t, but it was damn entertaining TV. The Don did what he had to do — he apologized. You could tell he was actually somewhat embarrassed by the situation.

This has now become a prime example of why guys don’t rat out other guys. Talk amongst dudes is sacred. Chicks tell other chicks about the inner workings of their mind; it’s what they do. There is honor amongst men when it comes to “locker room talk,” as it’s oft called, as well. If women heard even a tenth of the conversations guys truly have when they weren’t around, they’d all be lesbians. There is no greater form of birth control than the revelation of these discussions (unless you’re Melania, of course).

You know who the only people guys lie to more than women are? Other guys. We all want to be the big swinging dick in the room. There’s no better way to stroke your own ego than to give the boys the impression that you have more money, can get more women, or can drive the ball longer off the tee. Is that pretentious? Sure, yet we all deep down, whether we admit it or not, would like the ability to be able to brag about all of those accomplishments. And when we don’t, we lie/exaggerate about it to save face.

For those sitting on their high horse, like those saying, “What kind of locker rooms is Trump hanging out in?,” and professional athletes citing “I’ve never experienced locker room talk like that?” They are either complete hypocrites or have been spending far too much of their time in “safe spaces.” Get out and live, man. You know why you haven’t ever been privy to conversations like that? For one reason or another, you aren’t deemed trustworthy enough. You’re probably the type of guy who runs home and tells his wife everything and puts the rest of the boys in the doghouse with their significant others.

Look, I’m not defending Trump’s comments. Of course they were disrespectful and over the top. But I won’t sit here and say I haven’t been in the presence of conversations like this hundreds of times. The vast majority of the time it’s just dudes being dudes. Tongue in cheek comments that you have to take with a grain of salt, especially if the beers are flowing. Maybe I spend too much time hanging out with those deplorables Hillary referred too.

I understand the difference between an insecure man trying to show off in front of the boys, which I think Trump was, in this case, and an actual sexual predator. If I’m proven wrong, so be it. It’s certainly possible there is evidence out there that will be revealed in the days to come proving Trump has crossed the line before. If that turns out to be the case, then fare thee well, Donald. There is no room for inappropriate sexual misconduct in this world, let alone from the person holding the most powerful position in the world. If only there was someone for Trump to draw a parallel comparison with regarding this incident…

Let’s not forget to give Donald credit where it’s due; it takes a big man to admit when they strike out with a woman. Those might be the rarest words to come out of any man’s mouth. Those are secrets typically taken to the grave. I’d rather die with my buddies believing I took home that blonde bombshell from the bar last night than admit I went home and feel asleep with a slice of pizza on my stomach and Netflix asking “are you still watching Stranger Things?”

For the record, I don’t have an allegiance to Trump or Hillary. I’m having as hard a time as anyone accepting these are the major party candidates. However, Monday night did provide me with the person I’ve been seeking to cast my vote for – Ken Bone for president.

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