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Local Fraternity Cited In Intramural Basketball Fraud Scandal

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im basketball fraternity

An unnamed fraternity at Southwest Technical Development University (STDU) has been brought up on fraud charges with the STDU Interfraternity Council (STDUIFC). These charges, related to the fraternity’s intramural basketball team, came from an anonymous complaint just days before the STDU Fraternity Basketball Playoffs were set to begin.

According to a source via text:

“[Redacted] was tired of losing to [redacted] in intramural basketball. They were tired of being the bitches of STDU basketball. Everybody shitted on them for 32 minutes a night. They didn’t have the facilities, location, pipeline or reputation to bring in top recruits. They tried to change that all this year.”

According to documents obtained by Total Frat Move, the complaint revolves around a 6’11″ exchange student from Slovenia.

More from the source:

“The kid was a monster on the boards and an ace three-point shooter who decided to attend STDU in lieu of playing professional ball in Slovenia. He had no interest in joining a fraternity because he thought they were full of “fucking pussies” until a member of [redacted] saw him playing pickup in the rec center and tried to recruit him.”

We looked into the student in question and discovered he is, in fact, 6’11″, and had a prolific basketball past as a player in several different semi-professional leagues in Slovenia. We reached out to the STDUIFC to find out how this student came to sign with a fraternity, but received no comment.

Soon thereafter, we were contacted by an anonymous member of the unnamed fraternity via Snapchat. He claimed that the recruitment of the 6’11″ Slovenian had severely cut his minutes and thus caused him to lose motivation, which caused him to gain weight and eventually lose his girlfriend. Which was a lot of information.

Source 2 gave us some more background information:

“Yeah we didn’t follow the rules in recruiting this kid. First, we started inviting him to parties that were Greek only, that wasn’t enough. We started letting him bring his friends, fuckin geeds. Still wasn’t enough. We wanted him bad. Our recruitment chair took him out to fancy dinners, we gave him drugs, we even made a pledge drive him around. The kid still wasn’t fully committed. That’s when we got alumni involved. We noticed he had taken a liking to Mexican food and it just so happened we had a brother who is the night manager at El Quesadilla Loco on campus. Every Wednesday night we would slide an El Quesadilla Loco gift card under the door of his dorm room. He caught on, and after a few weeks of that he was in.”

The fraternity in question went undefeated in the regular season and had a bye into the second round of the STDU Fraternity Basketball League Playoffs, which start next Thursday. With a STDUIFC Judicial Board hearing set up for next Wednesday night, it’s sure to be a wild few days for everybody involved.

As for who submitted the anonymous complaint, Source 2 said through Snapchat:

“Fuck that kid, of course I narked on his lanky ass. STDU Fraternity basketball is supposed to be about getting drunk and having fun with your boys, not this shit. Of course it was me.”

This story is still developing, and we will update as we get more information.

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