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Living On The Florida Coast Is Fun And Games Until There’s A Cruise Ship In Your Living Room

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This picture is so fantastic. The perfect representation of first world problems. Look at this guy. Unreal. Day absolutely ruined.

This asshole is standing on the deck of his multimillion dollar home on the Florida coast with his hands on his hips all annoyed like the neighborhood kids rolled by on their Schwinns and knocked over his trashcans again. Except the neighborhood kids didn’t roll by on their Schwinns and knock over his trashcans. He’s up in arms because a goddamn cruise liner got a little close to his house.

This is too perfect and I can’t get enough of this guy and his wife.

From Daily Mail:

From on deck cruise ships seem like the perfect way to unwind. From below, however they’re a little more unnerving – especially when they’re heading toward your house.

That’s what Florida couple Bill and Yasmine Todhunter discovered on Friday after the cruise ship Equinox appeared to be on a collision course for their luxury $2.3 million Port Everglades home.

Yasmine filmed the terrifying footage as Bill ran out to wave desperately at the oncoming ship – which he says stopped just 100 feet from his waterfront patio.

‘When the cruise ship thrusters stopped, there was silence and I yelled “somebody is going to get fired” and everybody on the cruise started applauding,”‘ he told WPLG-10.

‘It’s too close!’ Yasmine can be heard muttering on the video, before her remarks turn to terrified screams: ‘Too close! Too close! Come on, Bill!’
But Bill isn’t going anywhere, as he starts to wave his arms, apparently futilely, at the hulking mass of the oncoming ship.

I love this move. Like hey dude, they can see you. They can also see the very large mass of land you’re standing on. They have a trillion dollars worth of gadgets and screens and alarms and shit on that boat that all tell them there’s land there.

It’s not like they were just tearing through the gulf at 100 knots and saw some frantic dude and his wife waiving their arms and it dawned on them that they might want to change course. Like oh shit is it just my imagination or are we approaching a continent, and I only know this because I see Bill and Yasmine Todhunter flailing their arms at us from the their back deck. Oh shit, yep, here’s North America. Let’s hit it in reverse.

And the interview. Like Bill was legitimately upset by this. It even started an investigation about whether the ship ran aground. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I can’t relate to this lifestyle but I see a literal cruise ship just a nine-iron away from my back patio and I’m running out there doing the “honk your horn!” arm gesture you make to 18-wheelers on the highway. I’m lifting up my shirt to try and get passengers to show me their tits. I’m diving in and swimming over. That’s an exciting fucking day.

Then we have Bill and Yasmine Todhunter about to report this ship to their HOA like the crotchety old couple they are. Just the absolutely perfect display of first world problems.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via Facebook

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