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Little Girls Busted For Selling Lemonade Without Permit

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Little Girls Busted For Selling Lemonade Without Permit

Two police officers in Texas shut down a lemonade stand run by little girls because they didn’t have a permit.

From ABC 13:

Andria and Zoey Green told ABC affiliate KLTV they were trying to raise about $100 for a Father’s Day present. They wanted to take him to Splash Kingdom.

They had been selling lemonade and kettle corn for an hour – and made about $25 – when officers showed up and told them they need a $150 permit to sell their lemonade.

Texas House Bill 970, or the Texas Baker’s Bill, does not allow the sale of food that needs time or temperature control to prevent it from spoiling. Since lemonade needs to be refrigerated to prevent bacteria growth, police said they needed an inspection from the health department and a permit to sell it.

I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of these two. They just think they can go around doing whatever they want because they have some sort of power complex. It’s time to take a good hard look in the mirror, Andria and Zoey.

First off, your Dad doesn’t want to go to fucking Splash Kingdom for Father’s Day. You think a grown man wants to spend an entire day wading through a kiddie pool filled with piss, getting elbowed in the dick by little kids flailing around? Fuck no. He’d rather have a gift that keeps on giving, like a durable, rugged, and stylish Guide Button Down by Simms Fishing, available now on Man Outfitters (just over two days remaining for a guaranteed Father’s Day delivery).

Second, the law is a law for a reason, you ungrateful little shits. Setting up a lemonade stand without a permit? Are you fucking kidding me? Thank god these cops stepped in before someone got hurt – or even killed – by the poison you were dealing on that street corner.

But it doesn’t end there:

The sisters plan to try again this weekend. Instead of selling their lemonade, they’ll give it away for free and accept donations.

Trying to cheat the system by finding a loophole, huh? Very crafty, little girls, but do you know even who you’re fucking with? The goddamn Texas police department, that’s who. I only pray that the powers at be find a way to bring these criminals to justice for taking good money away from legitimate businesses.

Andria and Zoey, you make me sick.

[via ABC 13]

Image via KLTV

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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