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Lil Wayne (Sort Of) Calls Black Lives Matter “Dumb Shit” In This Must See Interview

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In an interview that aired last night on ABC’s Nightline, Lil Wayne was asked to give his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. Presumably this was asked of Weezy in large part because of relatively recent comments he made about his belief that racism isn’t prevalent in America, as well as his story about having his life saved by a white cop. Clearly, Nightline was hoping for an insightful ans-hahahahahahahahahahahaha oh shit I’m sorry. I just spit coffee all over my keyboard. I couldn’t keep a straight face writing that. They wanted a soundbite from Weezy that would get all the RTs, preferably out of anger or amusement. That’s what they wanted.

And yeah, they got that. Here’s the clip in question. It. is. wonderful.

“That man white. He filmin’ me. I’m a n****r.” – Lil Wayne, on America’s racial inequities.

Honestly there’s no rebuttal for this. Game, set, match Weezy.

The grand narrative since this video started being angrily quote tweeted by people who will definitely still be listening to Weezy’s next album, and gleefully quote tweeted by a lot of people who might otherwise be writing terrified letters to Pat Robertson for advice had they found a Lil Wayne album on their kid’s iPad (the irony is as rich as the man who created it) was that he said Black Lives Matter is “dumb shit.” Which, sort of but not really.

Lil Wayne specifically said, “Don’t come at me with that dumb shit, ma’am,” in reference to the extremely basic, logical breakdown of what BLM is as presented by his interviewer. That doesn’t exactly strike me as the man saying, “I, Lil Wayne, after extensive review, believe that the Black Lives Matter movement and every single idea it stands for, is, ahem, dumb shit.”

And also, considering how much Lil Wayne was cursing in this interview (easily my second favorite aspect of this video, more on that later) I don’t exactly think you can take the moniker “dumb shit” as seriously as you would if, say, Barack Obama had applied it to BLM. He’s a goofy, and wonderfully profane guy! Of course he’s going to give a goofy, wonderfully profane answer. That’s how he communicates. What Lil Wayne said, in my mind, amounts to a, “Nah not really” after basically being asked, “Do you think black people are as devalued by this country as the Black Lives Matter movement believes them to be?”

Oh what a crime.

The only offensive thing about this story is the reaction to it, and how little, or much, black voices seem to matter to people depending on whether or not those voices are in line with said people’s worldview. Though even that isn’t exclusive to black voices. People hear what they want and get mad when they hear something different. Pretty typical. Extremely dumb.

But, really, why are we all worrying about Lil Wayne’s take on BLM and ignoring the true gem of this interview? Easily the greatest thing Nightline has ever had the privilege to air.

“My life matter.” *Turns to camera, smiles* “Especially to my bitches.” – Lil Wayne, on a nationally televised Emmy and Peabody award winning news program.

This man is a treasure. Don’t you dare denigrate or politicize him, you monsters.

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