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Life Comes At You Fast, Especially If You’re This Fox Frozen In A Solid Block Of Ice

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I’ve never seen a cooler picture in my life. I thought this only happened in cartoons?

This fox is frozen in a block of ice. Perfectly intact. Not a single hair on his little fox body out of place. Just a fox icicle. Life comes at you fast, I guess. One minute you’re being a fox and searching for field mice and the next you’re a perfectly formed ice luge. All that’s missing is the Fireball.

From Daily Mail:

An extraordinary image has captured a drowned fox encased in blocks of ice after it fell into a river during freezing temperatures that are sweeping across much of Europe.

The animal is said to have fallen through a layer of thin ice on the Danube river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany four days ago and was discovered on Friday trapped in ice by local resident Johannes Stehle.

A member of the public used a saw to cut the fox out of the three blocks it was in frozen in.

It’s surprising to me that a fox can make a mistake like this. They’re pretty smart little fuckers I’m pretty sure, based on my gut animal instinct and nothing more. If you’re a fox living in a part of the world where rivers freeze solid, it’s engrained in your fox DNA not to walk out onto the river unless it can undoubtedly support your weight. I get natural selection and all that, but this seems like day 1 fox survival stuff to me.

Now for the question everyone is asking themselves right now: Is he okay? I don’t know the answer. I’ve seen Austin Powers and so have you, so we know for a fact that living things can be frozen for decades and come out feeling right as rain once they thaw out. Feeling like they took a quick nap and woke up like no time has passed.

Like maybe they throw this fox in a freezer for 30 years and then thaw him out and see what happens? A case study? Let him adjust to life in 2047 and document the results? His hair is out of style and German nature-society now accepts all inter-species commingling. Foxes are now best friends with rabbits. Eagles and small fish now chill together at the banks of rivers. Just a different world.

It’s something to think about.

[via Daily Mail]

Image via Shutterstock

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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