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Let’s Get Weird

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Let's Get Weird by visiting the archive.

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In our first edition of LGW I opened the floor to other headline ideas. Nothing really spoke to me and I’m actually starting to like LGW, so we’re rolling with it for now. I will still consider alternative options from you people, so hit me with them if you think of any.

Helen Keller TFM, please email me.

To the guy who asked for whiskey recommendations last week, you got some good ones from everyone. Try Bulleit Bourbon. Bulleit over ice with a finger of water is one of my go-to drinks.

Top comment last week:

Content idea: Dress up like college students and go to parties at different fraternities at UT/Texas State/etc. and write about what they’re like, if you could/couldn’t get in. You guys get to get fucked up and you’ll have a good time

This would be an idea for Dan or Jared but your boy is way too old to be messing around at college parties. I was in Baton Rouge in the fall of 2015 and stopped by one of our freelance writer’s fraternity houses to say hi. There wasn’t a party going on but there were guys throwing the football in the yard and music playing and a gathering of about 20 people just casually hanging out and day drinking.

Holy shit did I feel out of place.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 10.21.30 AM

Thanks for the support, Madison.

Don’t link nudes to these threads anymore, please. That’s literally why the forums were shut down. Again, some of you veterans, or just the decent ones of you, need to start policing your own so we can keep these going.

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