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‘Legends Of Chamberlain Heights’ Is The Most Underrated Show On TV

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When I saw a commercial for a new show called Legends of Chamberlain Heights about a year ago, I thought it looked like hot garbage. It felt like a cheap, lazily-written pile of dog crap that was even dumber than my articles (okay, maybe not THAT dumb, but you get the point).

It was a new, raunchy cartoon that came on after South Park. I saw the ads, shrugged apathetically, and didn’t really think about it again until my buddy Juan wouldn’t stop raving about it. He kept telling me how funny it is and that I had to check it out. That crappy-looking new cartoon I see commercials for when I’m watching random stand-up? Not interested.

I rarely watch actual TV nowadays anyway. I mostly just stick to Netflix or DVDs I own that I’ve already seen too many times. Whenever I do watch TV, it’s usually just one of the few sports I’m masculine enough to fully understand.

But I eventually caved in. I watched an episode one night, and found myself laughing my ass off. Literally; twenty-two minutes after I started watching, I no longer had an ass. That’s how much I laughed, man. It was the dumbest, most ridiculous thing I’d ever seen, and I loved it.

In a perfect world, where bigotry doesn’t exist, Wally Bryton is dead of an OxyContin overdose, and Bill Murray is the 46th President of the United States, this show is a huge hit. I honestly think it deserves to be mentioned in the same breath of similar yet more successful shows like South Park and Family Guy.

Unfortunately, this show is as underrated as can be. It’s less than underrated; it WISHES it was underrated. It’s under-underrated. Critics hate this show more than Hitler hates Yom Kippur, and virtually no one seems to talk about it. If you google this show, your computer just shrugs. And that’s a damn shame, because it’s fucking hilarious.

To sum up what’s loosely considered “the plot,” it’s about 3 friends in high school named Grover, Jamal, and Milk. They’re second-string players on the school basketball team on a desperate quest to be “legends” who are popular and loved by the ladies. It’s beyond stupid, and the humor is unbelievably crude and offensive. It’s the furthest thing from high brow, but, if you can set aside any snobbiness or morals you may have, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

There are plenty of funny shows out there, but a show THIS funny being so unknown is a crime against humanity. In a just world, this show will get more seasons. But this isn’t a just world; this is a cruel world, where decent people get terminal cancer and Nickelback has a new album coming out this year. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this show doesn’t make it to season three. I guess we’ll see. But in the meantime, I implore you to watch this show and help try to give it the popularity it definitely deserves.

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