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Leaked Video Shows Alleged Indiana University Fraternity Pledge Going Down On Stripper While Brothers Cheer

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We received the below tip this evening, along with a few others, about a leaked video that allegedly shows some graphic and egregious fraternity hazing at Indiana University.

[Fraternity redacted] at Indiana university leaked a video by accident that involved them hazing their pledges by making them give strippers oral sex for extended periods of time. The video has gone viral and is circulating around IU’s campus as well as other campuses in the midwest region. Last year the [fraternity redacted] president was commended by the Indiana Daily Student newspaper for his exceptional leadership and hard work. Seems like it was all a cover.

We are not posting the video for many reasons. It’s out there, though, and not hard to find. I’ve seen it, and it goes like this:

It’s basically 30 seconds of a guy, wearing only boxers, giving oral sex to a stripper while surrounded by another stripper and a lot of dudes. She is laying on her back, totally nude. Her legs are wrapped around his head throughout most of it. She also appears to hold his face to her at times. He seems to be an enthused, willing participant. At one point, however, he makes a “tap out” gesture against her ass.

Seated together in the foreground, watching the action and showing little emotion to speak of, is a group of shirtless young men. One could surmise that these are pledges, but that is obviously unconfirmed. They’re perhaps waiting their turns? Every other male in the room appears to be fully clothed. They are cheering the action on.

And scene.

I can’t confirm much of anything at this point: who these guys are, that the women are actually strippers, which fraternity they are members of, if they’re even in a fraternity, or that they’re actually students of Indiana University. I have a hunch these guys are about to be in some shit, though. Oh, I can confirm this: This story is about to blow the fuck up.

UPDATE: ATO has been suspended by the university.

So the worst kept secret is no longer a secret at all. It was ATO, and they are now suspended.

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