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Lamest Triggering Ever? Wichita State Phi Delt Suspends Two Members For “Free House Tours” Sign

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This is how you’re gonna start my Monday? Really? You’re just gonna take a gigantic dump on my bowl of delicious Honey Nut Cheerios, aren’t you? Are you kidding me, Wichita State?!

Two members of Wichita State’s Phi Delta Theta have been suspended by the fraternity after posting a highly offensive sign recently that read: “New Members: Free House Tours.” The nerve of those boys to idolize rape culture so blatantly!

Oh. It appears my sarcasm is someone’s actual triggering meltdown. Well then…

Of course, that is only one student’s reaction. Maybe the rest of campus will be logical enough to realize this banner, poor taste or not, is incredibly mild-mannered.

The The Sunflower:

A banner encouraging new sorority recruits to visit for “free house tours” was hung from a window at Phi Delta Theta fraternity Friday, the first day of Greek recruitment, leading to the suspension of two chapter members and a Title IX investigation.

The banner, reading “new members … free house tours,” was up for about five minutes, Director of Student Involvement Nancy Loosle said.

The WSU student affairs account tweeted Saturday morning in response to the incident: “WSU does not condone sexual harassment in any form. The inappropriate banner at Phi Delt was addressed and sent on for further investigation.”

My god. We now live in a world where offering a free house tour is considered sexual harassment. Sweet baby Jesus, swaddled in your sheep skin clothes and sleeping in your golden manger filled with hay, please help us all.

This is one of those stories that just makes you want to bang your head on the wall and ask “how sensitive are we going to be?” on campuses. We’re about a week or so off from a banana peel triggering a Greek conference-wide meltdown. Now we’re torching the whole WSU Greek system because of a “Free House Tours” banner that was up for five whole minutes.

I honestly see no issue with the banner. Maybe some new members — new to college, campus and all their surroundings — are legitimately interested in touring the fraternity house during the daylight when alcohol isn’t involved. Maybe they want to talk and get to know members. Maybe, in doing so, they can form friendships and such. Maybe two members will meet at the house tour, fall in love, get married, have a dozen babies and be the next big power couple one day. Idk. I’m just spitballin’. All I know is next time someone comes over and wants me to take a look at the new shirt they bought, my response should be “I’m calling the Title IX office, pervert.”

“Oh, I’m so shocked TFM came to their defense,” random Facebook commenter will say. Trust me, I’m always down to call a spade a spade. There are some horribly offensive and untasteful signs out there. This, however, is not a spade. You’ll see more offensive signs on ESPN’s College Gameday. It’s not my fault Tebow hit .226 at Single-A. That’s just a fact. What’s next, we’re going to stop gameday signs? Cause I’ll slit throats.

Look what you did. You got me all worked up and it’s not even Wednesday yet. Fucking WSU. Enjoy the AAC. I hope Gregg Marshall leaves you for New York Knicks.

[via The Sunflower]

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