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KU Students Barred From Putting Gorilla Decoration In Dorm Because It Presents A “Masculine Image”

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Students at the University of Kansas were barred from incorporating a gorilla into the jungle-themed decorations for their dormitory. A Resident Advisor shut the gorilla decoration down because it promoted a “very masculine image,” as well as non-inclusive stereotypes.

From Campus Reform:

“I think it would be best if your floor chose a different theme animal to be more inclusive,” Assistant Complex Director Dale Morrow wrote in an email at the start of this academic year. “First, gorillas represent a very masculine image, and I feel that this would not be inclusive to all of our residents on that floor.”

Morrow went on to add that images of a gorilla could reinforce “stereotypes,” but fails to stipulate exactly what sorts of stereotypes he is referring to.

“Second, this animal could be triggering to some people as their [sic] are stereotypes that surround this animal,” he continued, noting that all the RA would need to change “is the picture and the words.”

An acquaintance of the RA, who also wishes to remain anonymous, explained to Campus Reform that the gorilla was used as part of a jungle-themed decoration for a hallway, and was not put up as a solitary image.


Somehow this doesn’t surprise me. Resident Advisors are notorious for being the biggest boners on any campus. Take an older student who sucks so bad that they don’t have any friends to live with, put them in a position of power over a group of unruly freshmen, and you can guarantee they’re going to ruin more than a few good times.

But this takes being a boner to another level. This is flagrant bonerism.

Not surprised a guy like this couldn’t handle the image of a gorilla. Definitely a masculine symbol. One of power and strength and grace. But let’s call a spade a spade here. Homie didn’t want an image of a gorilla because Harambe. Same reason the NFL banned people from getting custom “Harambe” jerseys. The meme is just too spicy.

As for the “perpetuating stereotypes” argument, this is a classic case of someone attempting to be PC but ending up being the racist one. Who exactly looks like a gorilla, Dale? Because that’s not what they meant when they painted it.

[via Campus Reform]

Image via YouTube

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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