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Kid Gets Detention After Calling Teacher A Communist For Not Showing USA Men’s Hockey Game

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“Student asked to watch the Olympic Ice Hockey game, I said no, He said ‘You’re a communist, communist, communist.’ Inappropriate speech.”

Wow. This kid really wanted to watch the red, white, and blue lace ‘em up against Slovakia last Thursday morning. Rightfully so, as the USA whitewashed them 7-1 in the opening contest of the Olympic gold medal pursuit. Clearly he’s a huge hockey fan and doesn’t have a girlfriend locked down, because his Soviet accusations netted him an hour-long detention on Valentine’s Day.

Rough, man.

The tip comes by way of Barstool Sports, in an email the Boston site received:

My little brother goes to Walpole High School and on Thursday asked to watch the USA vs. Slovakia game during Spanish class. When his teacher said no he called her a communist. She gave him a detention for it. Attached is a picture of the detention slip she gave him.

At least he served that detention knowing the stars and stripes were sitting comfortably, considering the impressive goal differential they had just put up to lead Group A.

Maybe he should’ve asked to watch the game in Spanish?

I had a foreign language teacher for both French and Spanish back in my high school days, and she would always go for that kind of thing if we could make a convincing argument. Granted, our “convincing argument” used to be wheeling the TV, which she wasn’t capable of moving, into the middle of the classroom and turning it on. We’d watch it while promising her we were paying attention. Some memorable businesspersons specials were seen in her classroom, that’s for sure.

I guess all Spanish teachers can’t be so lax, but then again, I guess you’ve got to expect some kind of punishment when you immediately oust one as a Commie in front of the entire class at 7:30 in the morning.

Generally, I only pull out the Communism card in life or death situations, but given this kid is in high school, and the game in question was probably the most important one that had aired thus far in his lifetime, I can understand his anger.
Let’s hope the teacher in whatever class he’s in tomorrow at noon has a little more heart and lets the class watch the USA take on the Czech Republic in the pivotal quarterfinal matchup.

[via Barstool Sports]

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