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KFC’s New Chicken Bucket Charges Your Phone While You Slowly Kill Yourself

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KFC has introduced a new box in select locations in India that allows you to plug your phone charger directly into it via a USB port.

From Forbes:

now in select KFC outlets in Delhi and Mumbai (that’s in India for those of you who need maps for things), you can simply plug your USB capable device right into the box with ‘Watt A Box’! Chalk one up for fast food technology.

I’ve already seen so many people in the comments of this news story saying things like “Wow, this is what America has come to?” Well no, not exactly, you dingus. This is only in India for now. Even in India, this isn’t something that you can order off of the main menu. It has to be won through a social media competition. So don’t expect items like this to start popping up in your favorite fast food locations anytime soon.

A much more useful electronic peripheral for a KFC box would be an AED that can be detached from the box and used to restart the heart of someone who has had theirs give out from eating one drum stick too many. That would be much better than being able to keep your phone powered up while you get grease all over the screen. This also seems impractical because the idea is being able to charge your phone if you’re eating KFC on the go, but I wouldn’t be caught dead using this in public.

[via Forbes]

Image via Shutterstock

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