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Kent State Professor Under Investigation For ISIS Involvement Says “Haters Gonna Hate”

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A Kent State professor named Julio Cesar Pino is currently under investigation by the FBI for his potential involvement with ISIS. Pino, a Cuban immigrant who converted to Islam, is known for being a highly opinionated history professor who loves the free flow of ideas almost as much as he hates jews.

Kent State, however, is still allowing him to teach full-time. The university says that the FBI assured them he is not a threat to campus.

From FOX News:

Pino has a long history of making controversial and anti-Semitic statements.

In a 2014 “open letter” to “academic friends of Israel,” he accused pro-Israel members of the academic community as being “directly responsible for the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian children, women and elderly civilians.” He signed that letter “Jihad until victory!”

He also shouted “Death to Israel” during a presentation by a former Israeli official in 2011, eulogized a Palestinian suicide bomber in the Kent Stater and allegedly posted jihad-promoting messages on a jihad website in 2007.

Jesus Christ. If signing a letter “Jihad to victory!” isn’t enough of a tell, maybe the crazy shit he posts online will tip them off:

In the “Intro” section the account claims Pino studied “Overthrowing the Government at UCLA.” Pino received his Ph.D. in History from UCLA, according to his Kent State online bio.

On Sept. 14, 2014, the account posted a photo of two masked Islamist fighters with the comment, “Keep it a secret: That’s me on the left!”

In August 2012, the account posted a photo of Pino standing in front of the U.S. Capitol Building. A comment below the picture from Pino’s account said, “I come to bury D.C., not to praise it.”

“Sheik Osama (May Allah be Pleased with Him) was the greatest, and desrves (sic) praise for kicking off this jihad,” one post from an account in Julio Cesar Pino’s name begins. The post, which has since been deleted, was preserved in a screenshot by The Clarion Project, a New York-based research institute that monitors international terrorism.

Okay, I guess Kent State’s logic here is that even though Pino told the online world he’s an Islamist fighter who praises Osama bin Laden, we still can’t technically pin him as an ISIS supporter. Makes sense. Proceed with class as usual, my dude. As long as you don’t say “pussy” or teach yoga, your class is in the clear.

Pino defended himself by saying “haters gonna hate.” Seriously.

“I’ve never broken the law,” he told the Beacon Journal. “I support no violence or violent organizations. One man or one woman’s interpretation of events can be very different from another’s. As they say, ‘Haters gonna hate.’ Truth always prevails, and truth will prevail in this case.”

“I support no violence.” That’s coming from the same guy who once shouted “Death to Israel!” at a crowded event.

I wonder what it would be like to have a history teacher who was a hardcore ISIS supporter. I imagine him just casually dropping subliminal anti-American rhetoric throughout the day.

“The Founding Fathers *cough* fuckers *cough* met in 1787 for the Philadelphia Convention. This is where they drew up the basis for the constitution, which will serve as the law of the land until 2025, when a new constitution will be drawn. But more on that later. Now, how are everyone’s projects on the least-guarded concert venues in America coming along?”

[via FOX News]

Image via YouTube

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