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Kappa Sigma At Farmingdale State Runs Into Burning Building, Carries Out Neighbor, Manages To Squeeze Bulbous Nutsack Through Door

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In an astounding act of heroism, Keith Williams, a member of Kappa Sigma at Farmingdale State College, ran into the burning home of his neighbor and carried a woman to safety. If he had not put the life of a neighbor before his own, the woman would have likely perished in the flames.

The rescue occurred on August 9 and was reported by the Kappa Sigma national website yesterday.

From Kappa Sigma:

We were proud to hear of the heroic act by Keith Williams, a member of Kappa Sigma’s Tau-Iota chapter at Farmingdale State College. In the early morning hours of Sunday August 9th Keith Williams ran into his neighbors burning home, found a woman on the ground and carried her out of the building to safety. In this moment Keith put his own life on the line to rescue his neighbor. This action likely saved the woman’s life.

The kind of selfless dedication and servant leadership demonstrated in this action reflects the values of Kappa Sigma. An important aspect of our four pillars of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service is a focus on making a positive impact in society.

Wow. Just wow. This story really makes ya think. What was going through Williams’ mind when he tore through the flames to rescue a relative stranger in need? If we as a species are biologically hardwired to survive, how do you explain putting your life on the line for another? Most importantly, how in the world did Williams manage to stuff his gigantic, bulbous nut sack through the front door of the burning house?

The other day, I held open the door for an old lady at the supermarket. I mean, I didn’t technically do it. But I thought about doing it, and on the car ride home, all I could think about was “I am such a good person for thinking about helping that old lady.” Then I hear stories like this.

Keith is a true hero who has done so much more for humanity in one act of courage than most of us could hope to achieve in a lifetime. Get this man a medal, a beer, and a night with whomever he selects in the latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

[via Kappa Sigma]

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