Kansas State Changes Integrated Student Information System’s Name So It’s No Longer Called ISIS

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ISIS has reached college campuses in the United States, but Kansas State isn’t negotiating with these fuckers. The school changed its Integrated Student Information System’s name from iSIS to KSIS. TAKE THAT, TERRORISM. KSIS stands for, you guessed it, K-State Student Information System. It’s genius. Their creativity is mind-blowing.

KSU apparently thinks its student body is incompetent, because administrators felt the need to explain the obvious reason for the name change on their website…

“While iSIS was named many years ago, the change is being made because of the many concerns expressed over the current name and its link to a terrorist network. We have checked with our peers and many other universities using the term iSIS also are changing the name.”

K-State is right, though. Other universities have this same problem. The University of Iowa is one example.

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Is the NSA not tracking this stuff? People are typing “ISIS” day in and day out up there in Iowa and it’s not raising any red flags? Speaking of red flags, take a look at John Hopkins’ ISIS page:

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This is much more suspicious. This university has the acronyms ISIS and JHED on the same page. It wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to see that JHED is a code for Jihad. Hell, it’s a homonym. “Is Johns Hopkins University housing a terrorist ring?” That’s a question any sane person would ask after discovering these startling facts. Look at the evidence. There’s no way that JHED actually stands for Johns Hopkins Enterprise Directory or anything close to that. Beware, Baltimore. Beware.

[via Kansas State University]

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