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Judge Approves $60 Million Settlement Between EA Sports And Former NCAA Athletes

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There is a new path to earning a quick check.

  1. Suck at football.
  2. Fail to make any money in the NFL because of aforementioned suckage.
  3. File a lawsuit against a video game producer claiming they made money while your ass was intimate with the bench.
  4. Piss off a nation of teenagers and online writers who still enjoy beating the ever living shit out of FCS Southwest.
  5. Profit.

A U.S. District Judge approved a settlement to shut up former players who are pissed at EA Sports for using their likeness and applying a numerical value to their shitty skills. That second part may not be entirely accurate, but I’m sure former Arizona State and University of Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller would sue for libel in regards to his skill levels, too, if he had any sort of case. He will always be the asshole who led to the end of the best video game on the market.

After six years of legal battles, $60 million will be heading to the pockets of ex-NCAA athletes, presumably to pay off their countless creditors, assuming these stats are accurate.

From NBC Sports:

Claims are still being filed by student-athletes past and present who may have appeared in any NCAA-licensed video game published by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports branch of the business. Those claims must be filed and approved by July 31 in order for a check to be made out to those players, and the amount of the payouts will vary depending on how many athletes file a claim.

It’s understandable that some of these guys are pissed. Money is king, and as much as I hate to admit it, they do have a point. It would rustle my jimmies too to see someone making millions off of my halfassed likeness, especially if I didn’t receive any actual playing time to help mitigate my frustrations. Did they really have to kill the game, though?

I sincerely miss the ten different generic fan models displaying an unprecedented lack of realism. Or the sideline-dwelling walk-ons that are so unimportant, the game couldn’t bother putting a name on their jersey. It’s depressing to think about all this lawsuit has done to decimate my entrenched procrastination habits.

We’ve already seen Texas put aside $6 million to pay student athletes. As this lawsuit comes to an end, we may see more of this come to fruition. Regardless of how any of us feel, though, a nice check is about to arrive in the mailbox of many of these players, and NCAA Football 2016 won’t be in stores this year. Damn.

[via NBC Sports]

Image via YouTube

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