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John Goodman Admits To Paddling Pledges, Other Disturbing Hazing

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As Theodore Donald ‘Donny’ Kerabatsos knows, Walter Sobchak is a verbal hazing savant. Just a natural talent, really. Now we know that he used to get physical, too. But did he craft his skills in the hallways of the Missouri State University Sig Ep house back in his college days?

In a recent interview, John Goodman admitted to participating in, and witnessing, hazing while a Sig Ep at Missouri State University. In the interview, Big John admits to seeing “pledges being hit with paddles and being forced to drink bodily fluids.” If you didn’t already know, this was years before Sigma Phi Epsilon enacted their “Balanced Man” program, which changed the structure of their new member education process.

In an interview with ShortList magazine, he said: ‘When I was in [university] there were aspects of [hazing] – just a lot of servitude, some spankings with a huge paddle. It got crazier, but I got out of it by then. I couldn’t afford it any longer.

‘Apparently there’s something called ‘Hell Night’ where you have to drink a lot of substances that you wouldn’t normally ingest – bodily fluids.’

Sadly, for fans of John Goodman and appreciators of a more “traditional” approach to pledging, Goodman ended up quitting his fraternity. Once the fraternity’s pledge process “got crazier,” Goodman “got out of it by then,” stating that he “couldn’t afford it any longer.” I’ll take your word, John. You don’t seem like the type to quit, though.

But then again, he spends much of his time in the PC hub of the country, California. This could be him simply covering his tracks. Personally, I will choose to uphold the image of the Walter Sobchak version of Goodman.


[via Monsters and Critics]

Image via Viking Bitch


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