Jimmy Johns Delivery Guy Charts How Generously University Of Florida Fraternity Houses Tip

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A Jimmy Johns delivery guy was tired of getting stiffed by fraternity houses when he dropped off their subs, so he decided to keep track of how well each of them tipped.

Here are the results he compiled about the different houses at the University of Florida.

From Gainesville Scene:

The most generous tipping frat? The gentleman of Kappa Alpha Order (KA), with an average tip of $2.50. Their average order size was $16.13.

The least generous tipping frat? The brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), with an average tip of $1.36. However, their average order size was $8.11.

The highest percentage tipping frat? Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp) tipped on average 24 percent of their total order.

The lowest percentage tipping frat? Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) tipped on average 15 percent of their total order.

My biggest tip? $4 on an $19.50 order from Lambda Chi Alpha.

My smallest tip (besides getting stiffed)? $.50 on a $6.50 order from AEPi, and $.50 on a $9.50 order from Pike.

He also adds that the fraternity men who tipped less tended to reside closer to the store, so they undoubtedly factored distance into the equation.

But at the end of the day, this whole charade is an exercise in bullshit. Fraternity men aren’t any less likely to tip well, they just have big letters on the front of their houses that make them easy to target. This delivery guy acts like fraternities are just a bunch of cheap assholes who sit in their castles of decadence, ordering subpar deli sandwiches and tossing chump change at delivery guys like they’re peasants.

Come on now. Not every frat guy is loaded. Far from it. In fact, I guarantee a large number of those deliveries were for people who work equally shitty jobs to pay for dues. Delivery boy is just writing us off as privileged, stingy snobs so he can circlejerk over his “independence” with the other hipsters in his scene mag.

I hope long hours on the bike seat render this douchebag impotent.

[via Gainesville Scene]

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