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Jerry Seinfeld Won’t Perform At Colleges Because The PC Police Get Their Panties In A Wad

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Jerry Seinfeld Won't Perform At Colleges Because The PC Police Gets Their Panties In A Wad

Comedy used to be just that: comedy. A place where people could make jokes to make other people laugh. Those days have come and gone, as now people find ways to be offended by anything and everything.

Jerry Seinfeld has taken note of this growing trend among the youngsters. He won’t go near college campuses because he doesn’t want to hear all that bullshit that the PC police would throw his way. While on the Colin Cowherd show last Thursday, he expressed his opinion the PC culture of today.

Spot on. Listen, we all just need to live a little. When done in good taste, offensive jokes are some of the funniest jokes you’ll hear. Which brings me to my favorite Daniel Tosh joke:

If you had to eat another human being to survive, do you think they taste like their ethnic background? Are Mexicans spicy? Do you have to have chips and salsa before you bite into one? Chinese people: are you hungry 30 minutes later for more? Let’s go everybody — black people: taste like chicken… All’s fair. White people? You don’t eat white people.

If he told that joke today, he’d get torn to shreds, have people protesting his shows, and eventually be forced into giving an apology. Too often people put things on a pedestal, which makes them immune from being made fun of. Like Caitlyn Jenner. However, placing things on a pedestal is the opposite of equality.

Let’s make being offensive cool again.

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