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Try Telling Me That Jameis Winston’s ‘Eating Ws’ Speech Doesn’t Fire You Up

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jameis eating Ws

When you think of inspiring football speeches from the last decade or so, a few of the best ones immediately come to mind. You have Tim Tebow’s promise to not lose again after Florida was upset by Ole Miss back in ’08, Ray Lewis delivering a downright murderous pregame speech before the Super Bowl in 2013, and any number of occasions of Nick Saban letting his near-perfect team know how awful they are. I’m glad to say that the sun did not set on 2017 without us getting yet another passionate, rallying cry.

Wow. That didn’t make a lot of sense, but my body is ready to win. I’ve got half a mind to purchase a few cans of alphabet soup and take out all the letters that aren’t W (fun fact: M will also work, as it is simply an upside-down W). Sure, the speech is inspiring, but what this really tells me is that Jameis has still got it. I’ll admit that I never thought he would top the famous “We Scrong” speech from the 2014 natty, but it looks like his skills as an orator have translated quite smoothly into the pro game.

This doesn’t come without some bad news, however. With only two wins in the first half of the 2017 NFL season, one could say that in terms of eating Ws, the Buccaneers are living off table scraps. All the hype surrounding the team’s Hard Knocks appearance this summer has crumbled into a disappointing on-field product that ranks last in both the NFC South and the state of Florida. Will this call to arms trigger a second-half turnaround for Tampa Bay? Probably not, but I’ll go ahead and count it as a nice, tasty W for everyone who got to watch it.

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