“Jacking Off Is Good For You,” Says Science

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Thought to cause sperm deficiencies and even blindness, masturbation among males has never been considered anything close to a beneficial activity. Well, it appears that times in the “masturbation science community” are changing. No longer is it taboo to talk about the “benefits” of “whacking it.” A new video put out by ASAP Science highlights all the reasons why you should be masturbating on a regular basis.


Got a cold? Jack off. Want to reduce stress? Jack off. Need to avoid prostate cancer? Jack off. Want healthier sperm so you can create a son who will make you proud and not be a disappointment who spends all his time reading comic books and playing World of Warcraft? Jack off.

Researchers found a lot of relevant information for frequent jackers. For example, did you know whacking it might reduce your sperm count, but does not negatively affect the number of sperm retained by the female when you have sex? That means only the best and brightest jizz creatures are penetrating the eggs — ready to create a newer, better version of you. With this news coming just a few days after we find out that pulling out is just as safe as using condoms, it’s clearly been a good week for the male species.

Sounds like I might be the healthiest man in 2015.

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