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Irishman Gets Shitfaced On Plane, Strips Naked, Demands Sex From Stewardess

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On a flight from Dublin to Izmir, one man took it upon himself to singlehandedly one-up every “drunk on a plane” story to ever be told. He and a large group of friends (assumedly also Irish) boarded the European flight Saturday, innocently enough.

The boarding of the plane is the only innocent part of this story.

Shortly after takeoff, the man stripped ass naked, stood tall and proud, and proceeded to swing his dick around like a Wii controller.

But that was nowhere near the finish line for this man amongst men. This guy was aiming for a Reagan-Bush level legacy. After tearing off his clothes in a drunken fury, he began proclaiming “O-one of ye feckin lasses is gon lick me manky stinker’s bridge, an’ another o’ ye’s gonna knock the hole off yer giblets wit’ me cornpipe, ye Bombay shitehawks.”

To his chagrin, they refused his orders. When they tried to get him to chill the fuck out, he started jumping on the seats like Caesar, son of Bright Eyes and Alpha, while his Irish-ape friends raucously cheered him on.

The mortified crew landed the plane in emergency fashion at Nikola Tesla airport in the Serbian capital of Belgrade, and removed all passengers from the plane. After detaining said drunken Spartacus, the rest of his band of merry lads continued drinking. Eyewitnesses say they downed close to 250 pints while waiting for their brother in arms. This inadvertently forced the plane to be delayed another 10 hours.

They continued to sing drinking songs while police tried to calm the situation. Passengers claimed that they were too terrified to even make eye contact with the degenerates. One of the accompanying ladies even tried to fuck one of the cops to get them to leave. She is believed to have been arrested shortly thereafter.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

[via DailyMail]

Image via YouTube

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