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Irish Woman’s Job Application Rejected In South Korea Because They Assume All Irish Are Degenerate Alcoholics

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An Irish woman who applied for an English teaching job in Seoul, South Korea, was told by a South Korean hiring agency that they didn’t deal with Irish people because everyone from Ireland is an alcoholic.

Katie Mulrennan, a 26-year-old, has been teaching English to non-English speakers in three different countries–including South Korea–for more than three years. Her bulk-load of experience wasn’t enough to sway the opinion of the hiring agency, which likely pictured her as a pasty, white-skinned redhead who slurs her words in class and hurls bottles of Guinness at all of the students who aren’t unable to understand the difference between “their,” “there,” and “they’re.”

Here is the email she received, via BBC News:


“Your kind” isn’t welcome here, Katie.

What kind of teachers does the agency want, you ask? Who knows. If they believe even the most basic racial and ethnical stereotypes, they probably have some pretty slim pickins.

Italians? No. We don’t need mobsters ruffling feathers in our safe city. Russians? Too violent–would probably beat the children. And don’t get us started on Saudi Arabians…[makes explosion noises].

Mulrennan eventually landed a job at a place that can tolerate the crippling alcoholism of her people. No word on where she moved, but it’s probably somewhere in or near the Boston metroplex.

[via BBC News]

Image via Twitter

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