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Inventor Of Red Solo Cup Dies

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2016, you heartless son of a whore.

Despite lots of bad things coming out of it, I was willing to give 2016 the benefit of the doubt. Some really good stuff happened, too. But hell, after losing Princess Leia and her mother Debbie Reynolds one day later, I’ve had it up to here. Then I heard we lost one more person, one more bright light, and I broke down into tears. It’s too much, 2016. It’s too much!

The guy who invented the red Solo cup has died.

From People:

Chances are you’ve drunk from Robert Leo Hulseman’s cup without realizing it.

Hulseman, 84, died December 21. A devoted Christian and family man who was married to his late wife Sheila for nearly 60 years, Hulseman is owed a debt of thanks by virtually every American (and quite a few imbibers overseas) for his now-ubiquitous invention, the red Solo cup.

Besides being a genius, Hulseman is the epitome of the American dream. Well, our version of the American Dream, where you start out rich, take over dad’s company, and turn it into a global empire.

He started working at Solo in the late ’40s and had the idea for the red cup in 1970. So don’t worry, sometimes that game changing idea doesn’t come right away. But in case you didn’t know, not only is the Red Cup considered the greatest party cup ever invented, the simple volume lines denoting 1.5, 5, and 12 oz (for liquor, wine, and beer respectively), the stabilized square bottom, and rugged plastic design also makes it the most engineered and effective.

Thanks to Hulseman, nobody can ever back out from taking a shot because of lack of a shot glass for measuring.

Have fun partying up in heaven, sir. I’m sure you were taken because God is tired of Dixie cups.

[via People]

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