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Introducing The TFM Store

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After a few years of running the greatest Greek website on the planet, we came to a shocking conclusion: “Holy shit, you guys. You can’t actually buy a shirt with the TFM logo on it.”

It took us about half a decade, but we’ve finally corrected that oversight and all is right in the world. We’d like to officially welcome you to the brand new TFM Store.

“But wait a minute,” we thought. “We can’t create an entire store and sell just one shirt. What the fuck do we do now?

Instead of just releasing 37 variations of the TFM sailboat, we decided to take a chance. We’ve created four pocket tees, three tanks, and eight beer sleeves that perfectly capture the TFM lifestyle.

We don’t suggest asking your grandma for any of these shirts for Christmas–her tears will most likely be immediately followed by cardiac arrest. These are the kinds of shirts that will get you high-fives (and possibly blow jobs) on Spring Break. These are shirts for when you’ve run out of fucks to give.

We know these shirts are insane, but we’re just getting started. This initial batch of shirts, we admit, is small, but we’re hoping to push out the best designs that you ask for on a regular basis. Let us know what shirts you want to see at, and we’ll do our best to provide them.

Check out the store here, and get ready to make your parents proud. Click your favorite shirt below to get right to ordering.









Check out the TFM Store here. 

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