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Intramural Soccer Team Puts Pornhub On Jerseys As An “Advertiser,” Gets Advertised By Pornhub For Real, Then Jerseys Get Banned

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An intramural soccer team at Kent University in England, known as the Rutherford Raiders, was practicing what a marketer might call “honest advertising” (that’s actually a term I just pulled out of my ass, but then again, most marketing terms can trace their origins to flippant rectal extraction, so whatever) when, as a joke, they put Pornhub’s logo across the chest of their jerseys, the same way professional soccer clubs do with various advertisers. This is, by far, one of the greatest moves in intramural sports history. If there were an intramural sports hall of fame (why isn’t there an intramural sports hall of fame?) this jersey would be hanging in it. Every fraternity in America just got put on notice. Step up your jersey game.

Not only was this idea fantastic, but the Pornhub logo actually looks pretty sharp on the white jersey with black trim.


Though putting the logo on the jerseys was simply a joke at first, Pornhub found out about the team and offered to sponsor the Raiders for real. Unfortunately, that’s when the uptight university officials who run Kent found out, and threatened to ban the team if they wore the jerseys.

University spokesman Martin Herrema said the team would be banned from playing if they wore the kit on campus.

He said: “The University of Kent sports department would never sanction sponsorship of this type – it is totally inappropriate.

“The team has been spoken with and will not be allowed to wear the shirts in question at any time.

“We take this issue very seriously and inter-college sports teams, which are the responsibility of Kent Sport, must present any potential sponsorship and/or logos for approval.”

Because this is a university in England, I like to imagine that the administrator who was forced to rule on the jerseys was a cartoonishly stuffy, old, white, British man, and reacted as such, his monocle falling out of his eye as his absurdly sagging jowls flailed wildly.

“Porn’ub! PORN‘UB! Wiff all the cunnies and bitties on it? Putting a purveyor of indecency and fornication on a football kit! What’s next!? A cricket club using tallywacker shaped bats!? Humbug!”

Now it’s up to a brave American fraternity intramural team to carry on this tradition. Maybe with RedTube? Natty Light? Brazzers? Copenhagen? Or how about this beautiful kit I just hurriedly mocked up?


Somebody get this done.

[via The Mirror]

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