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Instagram Is Banning #Curvy And We Are Very Thankful

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My relationship with Instagram has been rocky lately. There is a lot to love about the platform. It’s a great place for beautiful women to show us their bodies under the guise of fitness. Hell, if you have a burning desire to hate your life and every girl you’ve ever hooked up with, Instagram can assist you in that endeavor with the incredible TFM Girls page.

How can you not love this?

A photo posted by TFM Girls (@tfmgirls) on

Or this?

A photo posted by TFM Girls (@tfmgirls) on

Side Note: I’ve always thought the best part about writing on the internet is that nobody knows when you took a quick break in your work.

Anyway, as I said, Instagram does have its good qualities. There’s no denying its success. Unfortunately, for every picture equal to those posted above, there are at least a thousand that keep the Clorox stock strong.

Instagram decided it was time to do something about this, and they’ve decided the best method of purging the undesirables is by banning #curvy.

From CNN:

#Curvy is no longer searchable on the site, but Buzzfeed points out that words such as “skinny,” “fat” and “thin” are still searchable as hashtags.


Now, Instagram didn’t officially ban the hashtag because of a few stray hippos. Their “official” reasoning is that it was being used to tag porn, which is understandable, but we all know there were ulterior motives involved. Motives that I, personally, strongly support.

[via CNN]

Image via tanuha2001/

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Bogey Wells

Bogey Wells is a Senior Freelance Writer for TFM News and a former summer pledge intern at TFMHQ. His Spotify playlists are pure garbage. Email:

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