Alcohol And Breakfast Have Finally Become One Thanks To Scottish Brewery

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Throughout history, breakfast beer drinkers have often faced persecution based on their morning beverage of choice. Society just cannot seem to grasp that there is little to no difference between throwing back a mimosa and sipping on some artsy, pine needle infused IPA over your daily bacon and eggs. Innis & Gunn however, an independent Scottish Brewery, is doing their part to end morning beer drinker discrimination.

The brewery has teamed up with Dundee Marmalade to create the Holy Grail of beer lover’s breakfast spreads: Marm & Ale, an oak aged IPA infused marmalade. Yes, you actually have beer in your marmalade now. However, Innis & Gunn did not stop there. They’ve also got you covered on the flip side of the equation as well with marmalade flavored beer, essentially a liquid version of Marm & Ale. Why has it taken this long for someone to boil some beer into some fruit preserves is beyond me. Now that the seal has been broken, who knows how many other ways we can find to include a brew or two in our morning routines.

Unfortunately, for the rest of the world, the Scots have decided to be selfish little assholes with their new-found breakfast technology. Currently, Marm & Ale is only available at Innis & Gunn’s restaurant, The Beer Kitchen, which, as you may have guessed, is located in Scotland.

So while we will have to wait patiently to get a taste of this spectacular creation, it appears as though we are one small step closer to living in a world where one can order a PBR at 10 a.m. and avoid being judged, or called an alcoholic for that matter.

[via Mashable]

Image via Twitter/@InnisAndGunnCA

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