Indonesian Police Get Entire Neighborhood High By Burning The Weed They Confiscated

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Indonesian Police Get Entire Neighborhood High By Burning The Weed They Confiscated

In a moment of high irony, Indonesian police managed to get an entire neighborhood baked out of their minds when they torched a massive pile of ganja they had confiscated from its residents.

From The Anti-Media:

Police in West Jakarta, Indonesia, got drugs off the streets a few weeks ago, and then accidentally got an entire neighborhood high while they were destroying the drugs.

Residents and nearby journalists reported mild headaches after the area was engulfed by smoke that was pouring from a giant pile of burning cannabis. Police were prepared for the smoke and were wearing gas masks, but they must not have thought about everyone else in town who may not have been in the mood to catch a buzz.

Of note: the report was written by a dude named John Vibes, which means he was practically born to cover this kind of stuff.

Vibes must have caught a whiff of something too because he fucked up the date (he wrote 2014 in the article, while The Anti-Media’s front page and the Indonesian source he got his information from both wrote 2015 – so don’t bash me for being untimely).

Traffic in West Jakarta was slowed to a crawl, impromptu guitar circles popped up all over town, and the local Waffle House (which is just like an American Waffle House except with a lot more bean sprouts and shit) had a line out the door.

Several Indonesian politicians and officials attended the burning, which means it was likely some sort of demonstration to show that they mean business about cracking down on potheads. Needless to say, the plan backfired completely.

“I got a headache because I wasn’t wearing a mask,” one resident told reporters.

A headache? Clearly, these villagers can’t handle their shit. Kind of like this guy:

[via The Anti-Media]

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