Impeached South Carolina Fraternity Council President Removed After Landslide 19-5 Vote

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Pi Kappa Alpha At University Of South Carolina Found Dead

The University of South Carolina Fraternity Council removed President Tim Bryson from office last night after a landslide 19-5 vote. Bryson was impeached last week following the suspension of 13 fraternities due to alcohol violations during rush week.

The call to suspend the fraternities was made by Bryson and three other members of the Fraternity Council executive board, including Vice President of Conduct Jonathan Withrow, who resigned after Bryson’s impeachment. The other two members, the vice president of recruitment and the assistant vice president of recruitment, were not removed as their positions on the executive board were only in place for rush season.

All 13 fraternities suspended have since been allowed to resume business as usual.

I know they thought they were doing the right thing, but the dry rush Bryson and Withrow dreamed of is extremely unrealistic. It’s also pretty damn pretentious, snobby, and hypocritical for a fraternity man to punish other fraternities for serving alcohol (unless Bryson and his fraternity abstain from alcohol entirely – which I highly doubt is the case). Keep in mind, it’s not like rushees were being taken to the hospital. They were simply caught drinking booze.

There’s also a serious problem with leadership when every single fraternity that the council executives attempted to punish was relieved of its suspension.

The following is Bryson’s official statement following his removal. From on top of his soapbox, he congratulates himself for standing up to evil, murderous fraternities, and hails himself as a martyr for change in the Greek community. He also urges university leadership to step in and finish what he attempted to start, throws in some rhetoric about how much he cares about everybody’s safety, and tops it off with some non sequitur about the truth setting us free.

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It’s no surprise Bryson and Withrow got the boot. Fraternities are villainized enough by outside parties. We don’t need people on the inside looking to strip letters from village houses, especially for something as minor as an alcohol violation.

The removal of Bryson and Withrow proves that fraternities don’t have to suffer under unfair leadership. It’s a victory for fraternities and college students everywhere – unless, of course, you think a fraternity deserves to be shut down for merely serving alcohol.

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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