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I’m No Mathematician But Buying This 1,000 Rack Of Beer Seems Like A Donkey-Brained Move

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Nowhere does “economics of scale” apply more to fraternities than alcohol purchasing. Every man worth his salt has been on the other end of a house card between a trembling cashier and seven Winco carts full of game day 30 racks.

The grocers near my house actually set up a line of credit to help us purchase PALLETS on a regular basis. That’s your friendly neighborhood enabler right there, kids.

Hearing the call for quantity (and one stop shopping), a Finnish brewery stepped in to dispense with the laughable charade of separating your order into groups of 30 and just started offering the world’s biggest and most honest pack of beer: the 1000 rack.

From WLTX19:

A Finnish brewery debuted the world’s first 1,000 pack of beer on Monday in honor of the company’s 100th birthday.

The grand case has exactly 1,080 cans and it sits on a wooden pallet. It cost Finns €2,150, which would run Americans exactly $2,348.03. That’s $2.17 per can.

Finland, how could you get this so wrong?

The simple law that governs all large beer hauls is “bulk discounts.” You buy a 30 rack over a 6 because the price per beer drops from $0.80 to around $0.50. You know you’ll drink all of them, so you want to get as many as possible at once for as cheap as you can pay.

$2.17 per beer is NOT an acceptable price for a pack this size.

For comparison, you can get a keg of cheap domestic brews (about 165 12 Oz beers) for between $50 and $100. That means even if you buy a $100 keg, you can still get 1000 beers for like a quarter of the price of this thousand pack. A typical pallet of beer contains 122 cases holding almost 4000 bottles. Even at RETAIL PRICE it’s still only around $2500.

0/10 would not buy.

[via WLTX19]

Image via Twitter

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