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I’m A Greedy SOB And I’m Not Sorry For It

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They say that greed is destructive. That if there is more greed than compassion, there will always be suffering.I, however, say that greed is what drives people away from resigning themselves to living on the streets. I say that greed keeps people from suffering. After all, how can you suffer if you’re able to look at your bank account after a night out and not care about the drop in the bucket you spent the night before? So I have no remorse when I admit that I am a greedy son of a bitch.

I once hit a 10-team parlay back in 2011 that paid out a good chunk of change, and ever since then I’ve been hooked on parlays. One of the things I like to do each week is put down a small amount of money on a ridiculous eight-to-10-team parlay just on the off chance it hits. Case in point? This weekend, when I put $35 on two different parlays — one eight team and one nine team.



For those counting, that is a 13-3-1 record for 17 picks. But it’s not the record I care about — it’s the money. I got $0 from those two parlays because I’m a greedy piece of shit who loves money. Sure, I hedged my bets with a few single game bets that I knew were sure things, like the overs in Texas Tech/LA Tech, Cal/Texas, and Miami at -4, but what could have been will be what brings me back to the game. My greed is not limited to just gambling, however. I exhibit it in all aspects of my life.

I have been gifted numerous tickets throughout the years from one of FOX Sports execs, and instead of relishing the opportunity to attend games like the Super Bowl, Texas/OU, Texas/Notre Dame, NBA Finals, etc., my money-hungry, greedy attitude took over and sold them without batting an eye. I saw these tickets as an opportunity to make more money, because money is more important than personal, invaluable happiness.

When it comes to my lifestyle, I want the best of the best. When my sister got her car at 16, I was originally told that I’d get it when I turned 16 and she went off to college. That didn’t sit right with me, so I lobbied for the next two years to get myself what I wanted: a brand new truck. When it came time to put the truck to rest and get a new one a few years later, I had to get something nice. Even the place I live has to be in a nice location and furnished with the best appliances, electronics, etc. because material possessions make the man.

But you know what? I’m not sorry about any of my greedy tendencies. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting more and more and doing whatever it takes to get there. I’m allowed to buy things with my own money and I’m allowed to earn money how I see fit. That’s what this country is about. I don’t bitch and moan when I get something I don’t really care for, like when my friend got me some stupid-ass model car for my desk that I’ve been trying to sell on eBay for three years to no avail. Hell, I once received an olive oil spray canister for Christmas from my ex-girlfriend after I had gotten her a new phone, the Burberry coat she wanted, and a diamond necklace from Tiffany. It was a thoughtful gift, though, since she knows I enjoy cooking, and I love every bit of that canister. I’m very appreciative of the things I get from people, but wanting more and more in life is normal.

Greed may be one of the seven deadly sins, but it hasn’t killed me yet.

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Harrison Lee

The Boulevard is a Content Manager for Grandex, Inc. He hates soccer and terrorists. He will forget more about sports than you will ever know in your lifetime.

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