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If You’re Really Trying To Get Laid This Semester, Read This Book

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If You're Really Trying To Get Laid This Semester, Then Read This Book

Let’s all just be honest with each other for a second, shall we? Most brothers want to bang as much as they can. Their whole existence is based around how they can put themselves in situations that will lead to their hot dog in a bun. Am I wrong? That’s what I thought.

As sisters, we know all of this. It’s not a secret. It’s not a big mystery. You guys want to fuck us, and that’s okay. The real secret, however, is that we also want to fuck you. Badly.

It’s true. Most of us are just as down to fuck as most of you. The main difference is that we require a little (actually a lot) more emotional coaxing than guys do. It’s really just up to you fools not to fuck it up for all of us.

If you don’t already know who I am, I’m Taylor Bell, I go to school in Delaware, and I’m the author of the new book Dirty Rush. It’s my Greek story, but it’s also a window into the minds and psyche of the girls I met through all of this: real, red-blooded American sorority actives. Buy this book, read this book, study this book. It will help you in a few very key ways on your journey to decode the behavior of the females you hope to bang.

1. Reading Dirty Rush is an opportunity to see exactly what girls are saying and thinking about you when you’re not around. Ever wonder what they are talking about when they are getting ready to come to your frat house? Or what they’re saying on those long trips to the bathroom? My book covers it all and you will gain valuable intel by reading up on the stuff that we like and the stuff we don’t like.

2. Every girl in every house on campus this semester is going to read this book. Think about it. It’s a major novel from a major publisher that’s already been bought by Sony Pictures to be turned into a major motion picture. Every active, nationwide, is going to be curious about this book. Some of them are going to love it and some are going to hate it because it’s so accurate. It does paint certain types of chapters in a bad light, but it’s so true to their lives that no one will be able to stay away. So read it, but don’t tell a girl whether you like it or not until you know which side of the fence she’s on about it. Got it? Good.

3. You won’t believe how much girls will respond to a dude who is reading a book that they are also reading. Showing interest in a BOOK that a coed is reading is guaranteed to get her wet down there. I promise you that if a guy came up to me and started talking about a book that I was reading (especially if it was chick-lit) I’d probably offer him a beej on the spot. Well maybe not any guy, but if he’s cute, then maybe.

Trust me. Read this thing. You won’t regret it.

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Taylor Bell

Taylor Bell is a freshman somewhere in Delaware. She’s a third-generation legacy, her favorite band is The Smiths and she grew up with a pug named Percy, until her mom backed into the poor thing while drunk, crushing his sweet little pug skull. So, she’s a tough cookie. After having her life turned completely upside down by the girls of her sorority, she had no choice but to tell her story. Her book Dirty Rush is out everywhere Jan. 13. Read 3 Sample Chapters and pre-order at

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