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Idiotic Facebook Post From Idiotic Columbia, Missouri Police Department Spurs Controversy

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The always entertaining Columbia, Missouri Police Department made another boo-boo this week, unsurprisingly. The CPD has apparently been wanting to get an additional armored vehicle to add to its TOTALLY NECESSARY arsenal for a while now, because if there‘s one thing a college town‘s police force needs, it‘s multiple armored vehicles. Can’t you just combine all of your Segways? God, they’re tools. Anyway, they took to Facebook to tell the people of their plight. Somehow that yielded this brilliant post:


Racial profiling is always hilarious, especially when it comes from law enforcement. Real knee slapper, this one. The post was removed from the page this afternoon.

It’s been a turbulent past 12 months for the Columbia, Missouri Police Department. First it was busting Mizzou football coach Gary Pinkel for DUI, then it was the arrest of the #1 recruit in the nation for marijuana possession, and another arrest of Missouri freshman QB Maty Mauk for leaving the scene of an accident after crashing a scooter into a car. Leave the football team alone, dammit! Unless someone gets murdered, assaulted, or is running a human trafficking ring, let them be. We’re in the SEC now, ACT LIKE IT. The team certainly is…off the field anyway.

This is the same police department, by the way, that also had a video of a drug raid gone terribly wrong leak out and quickly go viral a few years back. In the drug raid, officers shot and killed the family’s dog, injured another dog, and conducted the raid while a seven-year-old boy was in the house. All of this was over the rumored possession of marijuana. Marijuana. It’s not like Columbia and mid-Missouri are one of the biggest meth hotspots in the country or anything. Traces of marijuana were found in the family’s garbage, but the large stash rumored to be in the house wasn’t found. And if you forgot that sentence you just read a moment ago, the SWAT team shot the family’s fucking dog with an automatic weapon. Your tax dollars at work.

Having lived in Columbia and gone to Mizzou, I can say that the CoMO PD have to be among the worst police departments in the country. Just awful human beings. This Facebook post only strengthens that argument.

Unless they’re writing MIPs, I’m pretty sure this police department is completely clueless as to how to get anything done. Keep protecting and serving guys, you’re making everyone proud.

[via Huffington Post]


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