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Idiot Kappa Sigma At Louisiana Tech Busted For Racial Slur Posted In Private Group

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First, here’s the photo of the Facebook post from Kappa Sigma at Louisiana Tech, which was written in regard to where the chapter finished in grades (near the bottom among IFC fraternities).


This story makes me want to slam my head through my desk for a myriad of reasons.

1. What the fuck was this kid thinking? Arguably, we shouldn’t be surprised since this came from the one of the dumbest chapters on campus. If it’s not in line with the members’ beliefs, it’s likely at least in line with their intelligence, because for seemingly the millionth time, this incident serves as a reminder that nothing is private. NOTHING. Not only was this not funny, it was just downright unnecessary, pointless, and offensive. I’ll defend something innocuous, like wearing sombreros at Cinco themed socials until the day I die–which will likely at least be in part due to my heavy margarita consumption, ironically–but this post is just horrible form. You, dear readers, can sit in the comments and cry about how it shouldn’t matter what you say in private, or how this was a violation of the fraternity’s privacy, or cite the First Amendment, but those arguments may as well all begin with, “In a perfect world…” which more or less makes them meaningless, because we do not live in that world. Also, maybe don’t be assholes. Well, we’re all assholes here, just don’t be assholes in that way.

2. If someone from the chapter leaked this, then fuck you, buddy. Chapter business is chapter business. That doesn’t mean bury it and forget about it, it means that if something pissed you off, offended you, or whatever, you deal with it internally. Even if the issue needs to be taken to nationals because it’s truly terrible or unfixable at the chapter level (this excludes things such as sexual assault, which require external intervention) you handle it by using one of the MANY avenues the fraternity has paved for you. You will get a much more reasonable and just ruling from those options than you ever will from the court of public opinion. The latter’s punishment is always the same: burn everything.

3. Any sort of grief this kid gets or trouble this causes him in the future, the unreasonable aside, is something he deserves. You know why I wouldn’t hire a kid who flippantly dropped an N-bomb on the Internet? It would have less to do with the fact that he is racist (though that wouldn’t exactly be downplayed) and more to do with the reality that he’s an idiot with a proven and poor track record of representing his organizations. Hard pass on that sort of dumbass.

4. This might just be one kid who wrote this, and Facebook groups for fraternities tend to be relatively informal, but anything with your fraternity’s name on the banner represents your fraternity. I’m not saying act accordingly all the time, because those groups are fun to be in for a reason and stuff like funny hook up pictures from the past weekend are always a delight, but constantly have that knowledge in the back of your head.

The poster put an apology out on Facebook, but that doesn’t really matter at this point, whether it should or shouldn’t. Damage done.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.38.42 PM

Kappa Sigma’s nationals are aware of the situation and say action against the individual has been taken, but they have given no word on whether or not the kid will be or already has been expelled from the fraternity.

[via KNOE]

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