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Idiot Georgia Fan Calls Georgia Football Recruit, Possibly Violates NCAA Rules

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From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

The UGA soap opera kicked off last week after a California newspaper reported that College of the Sequoias defensive back Steven Nelson said in an interview that he had committed to Texas Tech – which Nelson later denied. Nelson has been committed to UGA since last February.

“There’s no truth to that, and I was thinking about pressing charges because that’s false information,” Nelson said.

Last Thursday, Nelson was contacted by a person who wanted to know if he had indeed switched his commitment from UGA to Texas Tech. They talked for about 5-10 minutes.

“I get phone calls almost every day from college recruiters and reporters,” Nelson said. “He called me up, and I forgot what his name was. The way he was talking, I thought he was a reporter, so I stayed on the phone. He was just trying to convince me to stay with Georgia, told me how good of a player I was, and wished me a good year.”

According to Nelson, he had assumed that the man he spoke with was a reporter until a different reporter from ESPN’s Georgia site DawgNation contacted him, asking if there was any truth to the claim a UGA fan had made on Twitter about speaking with Nelson.

The man who boasted about calling Nelson on Twitter was also apparently popping up on the site DawgVent, where he made the same claims.

“One of my guys contacted me and said there was somebody on DawgVent saying they had been calling prospects of UGA. As we all know, that’s against NCAA bylaws, which are very encompassing when it comes to things stuff like that …

“The site staff removed the post. Then after that, the guy went on and on about how could do that if he wanted, and [to heck with] the NCAA. Then the guy sent some harassing emails to our staff. They contacted me and asked what to do, and I said blacklist him and have him contact me. That’s the last we all heard of it until he made some other posts around the Internet.”

After receiving the banhammer from DawgVent the man in question became even more enraged. He took to the main Rivals board where he posted this gem.

Some loser said I violated NCAA rules and I told him I didn’t since I wasn’t representing any program. I think informing other posters of this is what got be banned as Rivals want us to think they have some kind of special domain. Anyway … [expletive] them. I’m done paying money to kiss [expletive].

Why are you so conditioned to think you have to have a press pass to talk to an American citizen? These sites have people thinking they have some kind of special clearance. They don’t.

My favorite part of the entire story is that, once this guy basically realizes that he’s one of the biggest assholes in Georgia, he starts trying to drop what I have now dubbed “Freedom Truths.” A Freedom Truth is when someone, generally a clueless idiot, makes something up off the top of their head and justifies it by throwing the word “America” in there somewhere. While Freedom Truths are perfectly acceptable when shouted by a drunk, for example Randy Marsh screaming “I thought this was America” as he’s carried away by police, they become hilariously stupid when used to justify something as pathetic as this guy’s life endeavors.

“I have every GODDAMN right to talk to an AMERICAN citizen if I damn well please!”

Yes, sir, I suppose you do technically have the right to be a creepy fucktard. Congratulations on exercising that right.

It doesn’t look like any penalties (definitely nothing serious) will be levied against the UGA program. It’s fairly obvious that this was the act of a recruitment vigilante moron.

No picture of the man who made the phone calls to Nelson was immediately available, but my mental image of him (and most Georgia fans, really) looks something like this:

S-E-C! S-E-C! S-E-C!


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