Ideal Songs For Porch Drinking, Part 7

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You know the feeling. It’s the weekend, you’re free of the surly bonds of class and other commitments, and it’s time to have a couple beers on the porch. When that most holy of times comes around, get the system running and play the following to assure you optimize your deck draft experience.

Fan favorites are based on the top comment from the previous week.

My favorite is based entirely on my own inkling from the week before. Be sure to comment songs you want to hear for the upcoming list.

Fan Favorite: The House of the Rising Sun, The Animals

Suggested by Sanka Coffie. I’ve always found this song to be kind of sad, honestly. Readers have been clamoring for it since week one though, and I give credit where it’s due. Still a great song despite the melancholy tones.

Karl’s Favorite: Ooh La La, The Faces

Suggested by Fade_Boggs. Said it a week ago, but this is a perfect song to light up a cheap cigarette and have a couple pulls of some homemade booze to. Definite porch jam material.

1. Authority Song, John Mellencamp

Nationals. Campus Security. The Risk chairman. There’s always people with titles trying to keep a player down. As John so eloquently puts it, unfortunately authority always ends up winning. Except King George.

2. Trouble Knows My Name, Randy Rogers and Willie Nelson

Randy Rodgers is a fine artist in his own right, but, as is so often the case, Willie is the main attraction here. I’ll never love a grassroots guy as much as I love Mr. Nelson, and he brings the heat in this track.

3. Jungle Boogie, Kool and the Gang

This funking song. Where to begin? It was in Pulp Fiction, possibly the greatest movie ever made, and it also happens to funk your aural facilities right out of this world. The ideal song for head bobbing or getting down.

4. Silverado, The Marshall Tucker Band

Hollywood needs more Westerns. Music needs more songs about cowboys. This song is sincere without being too slow, something The Marshall Tucker Band is renowned for.

5. Hit Somebody, Warren Zevon

Had to throw a hockey song on the list seeing as the battle for Lord Stanley’s Cup has begun. This one’s about a goon who just wants to be a hero. Zevon is a damn fun listen, and this piece is no exception. Scope the Letterman bars too.

6. You Wreck Me, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

There’s something about that backbeat. Tom Petty is right up there with CCR and REK in Karl’s Porch Beer Hall of Fame. “Tonight we ride” is a solid opening quote, and a great phrase to drop at the end of a porch sesh/taking the rival’s flag planning meeting.

7. Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless, Lost Boyz

A group from Queens, the Boyz blend the best parts of East Coast rap with their Jamaican roots. “Rich and shameless” pretty much sums up half the trust fund kids I know too, and though I’m neither rich nor shameless, music lets me get lost in a land of make believe. Join me.

8. Smokey Joe’s Café, The Robins

If you haven’t seen “School Ties,” do the following: open a new tab, find a copy of “School Ties,” and watch it. Then come back and read the rest of the list. I highly recommend having buddies to sing the “At Smokey Joe’s Café” parts. If it gets stuck in your head, just roll with it.

9. Kodachrome, Paul Simon

From the first line to the last, this song is flat out relatable. Though I’m more prone to liking Simon when he’s with Garfunkel, this song was before his “I need more hand drums” phase. Hand drums? Awesome. Hand drums with rock and roll? Only if you’re Brian Wilson.

10. Travelin’ Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival

This song is everything great about rock music. CCR crushes it lyrically and on instrumentals, but at this point that’s obvious. To maximize your listening experience, be sure to power point during the chorus.

11. The Weight, The Band

The perfect song for when you need to wind down. It’s emotional without being sappy, and soulful without being preachy. Don’t bother singing along, just sit back and listen.

12. Black Water, Doobie Brothers

Despite being a pretty disco group of dudes, the Doobie Brothers could change directions when they wanted. Among folks like us, those who will take a relaxing sit and sip over most things, this might be their finest work. That hair is groovy as hell too.

13. Wild Eyed Southern Boys, 38 Special

Someone had the gall to tell me Special only has two songs. That’s bologna. This one’s a lot more rock and roll than “Loosely” or “Rockin Into the Night” and that’s always a good thing. More power chords, please.

14. On The Border, The Eagles

Not a traditional Eagles tune by any means. It’s borderline funk in parts, but that’s what makes it so great. Keep your ears open for the “Good night, Dick” at the end (4:06). Nixon jokes will never not be funny to me.

15. I’ve Always Been Crazy, Waylon Jennings

I realized there hasn’t been a single song by Jennings in this series, so this is my attempt to make amends. Highly relatable and vintage Waylon. I don’t know if there will ever be another voice that’s just so damn country. He wrote this one himself, and that’s the mark of greatness.

Again, be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments and, as always, don’t drink and drive.

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