Ideal Songs For Porch Drinking, Part 5

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Thanks to feedback from readers like you, Ideal Songs for Porch Drinking is now a thing. When the sun’s out and you’re looking for some down time, queue these suckers up and have a couple drafts on the deck. Fan Favorites are based on the top comment from the previous list and mine is whichever one I dig the most from your recommendations. Keep the suggestions coming.

Fan Favorite – Dixieland Delight, Alabama

Suggested by TotallyCoolFratStar69. Very F username, champ. Dixieland Delight has been a staple of every fraternity event since its release in ’83. Tailgates, barn parties, and, of course, porch drinking.

Karl’s Favorite – Redneck Yacht Club, Craig Morgan

Suggested by FratrickBateman1302. I can assure you that no matter the circumstance, this song will make you happy. Absolutely essential on a Friday Afternoon/Saturday Morning after a bitch of a week.

1. Fuzzy, Randy Rogers Band

2013 brought us some seriously disappointing country. “Hey Girl” was the number one song (thanks, Obama), but thankfully, this one didn’t get lost in the cracks. You gotta have soul to be a real country song, and this track has plenty.

2. Fool In The Rain, Led Zeppelin

The instrumentals in the song really set it apart. Lyrically, it’s a little unpredictable, but the rises and falls in tempo are classic Zeppelin.

3. Brass Monkey, Beastie Boys

My dude Lenny suggested this hot, hot jam a few weeks back and it’s a must. A few Jewish dudes from New York rapping their faces off is FaF and this, along with a multitude of their other stuff, does not disappoint.

4. The Armadillo Jackal, Robert Earl Keen

This song has it all. It tells a story, it’s sorrowful, and it’s damn fun to sing along with. It doesn’t make a lick of sense to me, but that’s part of the charm. Did you know armadillos carry leprosy? Gross.

5. Reelin’ In The Years, Steely Dan

“Can’t Buy a Thrill” is another incredible debut album, and this tune is one of its most popular tracks. Reelin’ is more rock than jazz, and if you have a guy who can play guitar you need to convince him to learn that intro.

6. Panama, Van Halen

Let’s quit fucking around. Country is an absolutely incredible genre of music with plenty of merit, but there’s nothing that gets beer flowing like some rock and roll. If you’re drunk enough, be sure to look the girl who made eyes at you right in the tits when you sing her the “Lean that seat back” refrain. Chicks dig it.

7. Dani California, Red Hot Chili Peppers

I’m not sure how you guys feel about RHCP, but the rest of the world loves them. I’m also a big fan of good girls gone bad, so this song is double awesome.

8. All Right Now, Free

This song is all time. The group that would become Bad Company is often overlooked, but their music lives on.

9. Good Vibrations, Beach Boys

Visualize it: The sun’s out, your buds are tossing the pig skin, and you’re posted up on the porch drinking cold beer with the Beach Boys in the background. That’s the fucking dream.

10. Take The Money and Run, Steve Miller Band

I can’t find the comment, but whichever one of you animals said clapping along is a blast is right. Friends can blow me. Especially Jennifer Aniston. Call me boo.

11. My Sharona, The Knack

Never knock the classics. There’s just something about bass, gentlemen.

12. Time of the Season, The Zombies

“Is your daddy is he rich like me?” is a solid opening line for chicks with back tattoos. Keep it in your bag of tricks and use it when you need it.

13. Twenty-One, Corey Smith

Here’s to UGA. I might not like your fans, but Athens is the greatest college town in America.

14. Ain’t Too Proud to Beg, The Temptations

The Temps. The single greatest soul band in history (EWF is a close second) comes out strong in this one. To all of you negative Nelly’s in the comment, I hope you were conceived to this song and your dad walked out on you.

15. X Gon’ Give It To Ya, DMX

Dark Man is my favorite non-Wu rapper of all time. By the time you get to this one you should be ready to get after it.

Be sure to share your suggestions in the comments. As always, don’t drink and drive.

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