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I Need A Bushel Of These Wild Mushrooms That Make Girls Cum Just By Smelling Them

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Science can be straight trippy. There’s some wild stuff out there that has real interesting effects on your body. It’s crazy to me that all kinds of hallucinogens, aphrodisiacs, uppers, downers, and whateverthefuck you kids play around with can just occur naturally in the wild. Look at coca plants. The shit that cocaine comes from is just growing naturally out there somewhere. Everybody out there getting high af off some plants, man. Crazy.

And how about this bright orange mushroom that grows on ancient lava formations in regions of Hawaii that makes girls spontaneously cum if they take a whiff of it?

From IFL Science:

Forming on lava flows 600–[10,000] years old, the unnamed Dictyophora species was deemed a very intense aphrodisiac when smelled by women – despite, or maybe because, of its “fetid” smell. The pair put the claim to the test by asking volunteers (I wonder how they whittled the number of applicants down?) to take a deep whiff, and recording their arousal levels. The results recorded in the Journal show a significant increase in arousal, with nearly half of the women experiencing spontaneous orgasms. All of the men, on the other hand, claimed it smelled absolutely disgusting.

I’ll take a bushel, my good man.

Can you buy stock in general Hawaiian tourism? I know it’s already a hot spot to vacay, but now that we all know there’s a mushroom there that will make women orgasm just by smelling them, it’s time to start building mega resorts next to these lava formations. Price gouge these horny ladies and just start printing money.

I’m talking about a beach-resort-water-park-cum-fest just a six-hour flight away. Catch some rays at the beach, sip Mai Tais at the pool, then leave the hubby at the hotel while you sneak off and sniff orange mushrooms and have the time of your life.

[via IFL Science]

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Dillon Cheverere

Dillon Cheverere (@DCheverere) is the Vice President of Media for Grandex, Inc. Email:

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