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I Have No Doubt That Trump Is In Studio Recording An Eminem Diss Track As We Speak

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You think 2pac-Biggie was bad? Things are about to get way, way worse. You think Jay-Z-Nas was savage? Not even close, pal. Drake-Meek Mill? Laughable. Things are about to get pretty crazy up in the rap game. Eminem-Donald Trump is about to be the ugliest rap beef in American history.

This past year, Slim Shady has made it abundantly clear that he’s not necessarily a fan of President Trump. On his long winded, 7 minute freestyle Campaign Speech he name dropped Donald twice.

Run the faucet,
I’mma dunk a bunch of Trump supporters underwater
You say Trump don’t kiss ass like a puppet,
Cause he runs his campaign with his own cash for the fundin’,
And that’s what you wanted,
A fuckin loose cannon who’s blunt with his hand on the button who doesn’t have to answer to no one,
Great idea

Earlier this year he mentioned him again on a guest verse on Big Sean’s No Favors, calling him a “bitch.” And recently during a string of concerts in Europe he dissed 45 yet again, saying “this motherfucker Donald Trump I can’t stand” and he even leaded a “Fuck Trump” chant with the crowd.

Now at first glance, this doesn’t seem like much of a big deal. Eminem has insulted pretty much everyone on Earth. If you dig deep enough into his discography, you’ll probably even find a line or two dissing you. Yes, YOU, Brian. He insults everyone. That’s kinda his thing.

But we’re forgetting something important. Objectively, Trump is not a normal president. I’m not here to bash him or praise him, I’m just saying that the guy is definitely different from every other President we’ve had. He’s known to go on twitter rants firing back at his critics, and complaining about fake news at rallies. Look at Trump’s history. Do you REALLY think Trump is gonna ignore Eminem?

Mark my words, Trump is recording a diss track against Eminem as we speak.

He’s in the studio right now dropping hot #BARZ against Marshall and this is going to be ugly quick. He’s spitting some pretty harsh lyrics over an energetic Young Metro beat. His new EP Make Eminem Do Drugs Again is dropping on Soundcloud next week. With tracks like Grab Mom By The Spaghetti and Love The Way You Lie With All Your FAKE NEWS (ft. Rihanna.)

Eminem will inevitably respond with his own diss tracks, and then who knows how long this could go on. Eminem will leak an old Access Hollywood tape where Trump tells Billy Bush that he thinks 2pac was overrated. Trump will reply by saying that Bill Clinton ALSO said that 2pac is overrated and maybe we should be focusing on that. And don’t be surprised if Donald publicly calls for Marshall to release his birth certificate.

This will simultaneously be the ugliest political rivalry ever and the craziest rap beef we’ve ever witnessed. Sad!

[via NY Daily News]

Image via YouTube

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Wally Bryton

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