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I Can’t Stop Watching These Comically Dark “Tony The Tiger” Parody Ads That Kellogg’s Wants Pulled From The Web

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I want you to think back to your childhood television-watching days. Were you a Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, or Cartoon Network kid?

I was a Nickelodeon loyalist, so every afternoon I was bombarded with tons of carefully targeted child advertisements convincing me that Hotwheels made the best toy car, BopIt was the greatest party game on the planet, and Frosted Flakes were truly … grrrrrrreat.

Well, somebody has taken those classic “Tony the Tiger” Frosted Flakes ads from my childhood and added a dark element to them. They are slightly insane:

From A.V. Club:

Viewers who passively sat through hours of commercials during their favorite cartoons, soaking up the advertisers’ various messages, will no doubt remember the iconic ads in which the friendly cartoon tiger showed up at just the right moment to give encouragement and pre-sweetened cereal to children who were experiencing pangs of self-doubt.

Well, those children have apparently grown up to become deeply flawed, angst-ridden adults who have made a number of poor life choices. But good old Tony is still there to offer them a few kind words and, of course, a delicious balanced breakfast.

Here is Tony helping a prostitute:

Here is Tony helping a crooked cop:

And here is Tony helping a suicide bomber:

Someone invested a lot of money in the making of these videos, and Kellogg, the cereal company that makes Frosted Flakes, is trying to have them removed entirely from the internet. Though, I’m not sure that’s the right play here. For the first time in maybe 10 years, I have a sudden craving for the sugary cereal.

Watch them while they’re still available, because who knows when Kellogg’s lawyers will storm the office of whichever sick person directed these shorts and hit him with so many lawsuits his head explodes.

[via A.V. Club]

Image via YouTube

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