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How To Get Nudes From A Celebrity

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On August 31, 2014, the world changed. Hundreds of compromising photos of celebrities were released to the public domain via sites like Reddit, Imgur, and Tumblr, sparking countless reactions from all corners of the internet. These reactions ranged from outrage all the way to the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning. The event itself, dubbed “The Fappening”, was perpetrated by a ring of hackers, many who have been brought to justice.

We’ve seen this happen a few times in the last five years. Every now and again, an event such as “The Fappening” will shock the world, and a celebrity’s nude photos will be leaked onto the web for the whole world to see. It happened with Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and many others. iCloud is no longer just the cloud service your parents don’t understand, as it is also a platform for any and all secret data to be released for the world to see.

However, most people, myself included, consider it to be a despicable act to hack into someone’s phone or cloud service and release pictures or other content that they don’t want out there. It’s an awful thing to do, but there is a much better alternative if you want to see a celebrity’s no-no parts.

Have you noticed a new trend in the last two years? Celebrities are releasing their own nudes, sometimes preemptively. We’ve seen it with the likes of Amy Schumer and Miley Cyrus. Why is this? Let’s examine the process.

It usually starts with either a leak or a bad interaction between the celebrity and a fan or sworn enemy. Let’s focus not on the leaks, but on the negative interactions. What usually happens here is that the celebrity has a terrible experience with a fan or someone in the media that offends them. They are really upset about this, and will take steps to publicly get back at that person. They’ll call them out on Twitter or Instagram, writing about how much they hate scumbags like that person who make them feel terrible. More recently, though, we have actually seen celebrities post nude pictures of themselves to show how “empowered” and “confident” they are, not caring whether or not it appeases any people or groups that offended them in the first place.

So what can be taken from this? If someone were to insult or demean a celebrity in such a way that they feel the need to be empowered or to advance feminism or whatever, then it’s only a matter of time before that celeb supports the cause by instagramming their own tits to all of their followers. It no longer takes a hacker or a Julian Assange-type of person to get a celebrity’s nudes out there. It just takes a normal asshole doing something that’s not even the slightest bit illegal. Is it still a major dirtbag move? Absolutely yes. Do I advise anyone to do anything like this? Hell no. But the option is out there, and for now it’s trendy and empowering for celebrities to leak their own nudes to the world. As said by Drake and some unintelligible dude from Atlanta, what a time to be alive.

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