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How Some Pledge Brothers Pulled Off The Perfect Prank On The Chapter President

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How Some Pledge Brothers Pulled Off The Perfect Prank On The Chapter President

Ever since the creation of the camera phone, we have been snapping embarrassing photos of our buddies when they get hammered drunk. Unfortunately, we usually only get to enjoy the embarrassing moment once and then we forget about it. What if we could relish in the greatness of our friends’ mistakes multiple times and far into the future without having to set a reminder? We can now, thanks to Incubate, an app that is blowing up at certain schools, because it lets you send your embarrassing photos and messages up to twenty-five years into the future, meaning you can fuck with your pledge brother all the way up until he’s married with kids. Check out how some college kids are already using the app today.

What started out as an innocent Tuesday quickly turned wild in the blink of an eye for Colby, a junior and chapter president at State. After his last class was over at two in the afternoon, Colby walked into the fraternity house to find his pledge brothers had lined up seven shots for him to take right then. Knowing that it was his birthday, he decided to let loose and have a little fun — twenty-one only comes once, you know. It wasn’t long before he blacked out.

At dinner, one of his pledge brothers brought up the idea of going to a strip club later on in the night. The whole group applauded in agreement. Colby doesn’t remember much from the night except for one tidbit. He vaguely remembered getting up on stage and doing his own strip routine with one of the dancers. His heart and mind raced.

“Did anyone recognized me?”
“Did anyone get it on camera?”
“FUCK! This could be bad.”
“I’ll ask everyone if they have photographic evidence of the evening.”

Colby fired out a quick text to make sure no one had recorded the situation. His friends reassured him that there were no pictures or videos out in the world. However, his friends were planning the perfect prank. They hatched a genius plan to get Colby to do some embarrassing shit on his birthday and then send it to his phone during his upcoming presentation using Incubate. The brother in the group would then tell Colby that they should mirror his phone on the computer for the presentation since Colby leaves his text messaging previews on. While Colby was a little skeptical, he agreed to the idea. The guy who had snapped the embarrassing pic scheduled the message to be sent mid-presentation. Like this:



Presentation day came, and Colby and the group were looking sharp. They had all they needed to knock this thing out of the park. With a strut of confidence, they walked to the front of the room, fired up the presentation on the iPhone, and went to work. Colby got about two minutes into his opening when the class busted out laughing and pointing at what was on the screen. He couldn’t understand why until he turned around and had a look of horror when he saw his drunk ass, shirt off, and giving a stripper a lap dance. The prank had worked flawlessly as Colby’s face turned blood red with embarrassment. He quickly fumbled with his phone to get the picture off the screen.

The guys decided to tell Colby how they pulled it off thanks to Incubate. While not amused, he then told the chapter that every active would be downloading the app to send preemptive texts to the pledges to get work done, and for intramural game reminders. He touted that this app would not only help with getting the pledges in the right place and at the right time, but that he would also be using it to get back at his pledge brothers in the future — whether it be now, or in twenty-five years.

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