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How Leaked Nudes Led To A Good Kid Being Expelled From College

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Derrick looked down at his shoes and then back up at the dean before quickly looking back down at his shoes again. He knew what he had done, the dean knew what he had done, and, thanks to social media, the entire world knew what he had done. Derrick is just a slightly misguided kid with a mouth that would make a sailor look like a priest, but, for once, it wasn’t his mouth that got him in trouble. It was a damn group text.

A few weeks ago, Derrick was procrastinating instead of writing a paper that was due the next day, and day drinking with a few of his pledge brothers. The sudden urge to piss came over him, so he headed straight for the bathroom to break the seal. As he unzipped his pants, he began to think about Caroline, a sweet blonde Alpha Phi from his physics class. With zero inhibition, and an urge to take sweet Caroline on a quick trip for some afternoon delight, he shot her a text.

You up?

Caroline: Ummmm it’s 3 in the afternoon. Of course I’m up. How drunk r u?

I’ve just had a few, wanna get together? We had some fun last time.

Caroline: I knooooowww…ugh I really want to but I haaaavvve to finish this paper

Oh, come on. It’ll only be for a few.

Caroline: I can’t. But I think I can give you a little preview for later 😉

Next thing Derrick knew, a few very provocative pictures of miss Caroline popped up on his screen. While he stared in awe at her ridiculous body, his best friend walked into the bathroom to find him ogling his phone. He wanted to know what Derrick was looking at, and Derrick obliged willingly.

DUUUUUUUDE!! You gotta send that to the group text! She’s fingering herself with a pencil to emulate the fact that you have a pencil dick!

Not amused with the description of his manhood, Derrick did fire out the nudes to the rest of the fraternity group text with the simple message “Hitting this tonight.”

Big mistake. As soon as it hit Chad’s phone, he screenshotted the message. See, Chad is the fraternity doofus who hates everyone and only joined because his dad was a legacy. This was his shot to ruin Derrick’s life. So he quickly uploaded it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and everything in between.

The shitstorm that ensued was colossal. Girls wouldn’t talk to Derrick. The fraternity removed him from the chapter. The school pulled his scholarship. And now, he faced the dean. He sat and listened to the life lesson being given to him by this gray-haired old man, and he knew how it would end. He had read this story one too many times on the internet to know what happens at the conclusion: he would be expelled.

Derrick could have avoided this disaster had he used Cyber Dust to send his messages. ​Cyber Dust allows you to communicate freely and honestly. You can send links, photos, videos and more. Each message is individually encrypted and never touches a hard drive. Once your messages are gone, they are truly gone forever — never to be recovered.

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