How About This Asshole Blowing Financial Aid On A Thailand Vacay With His Girlfriend Of A Few Months

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I think I speak for literally every person reading this when I say I hope this relationship fails miserably and disastrously and this guy is forced to drop out of school to move ice on the streets to make ends meet and ends up getting addicted to his own supply and loses everything and ends up in jail or dead.

I hateeeeeeee this guy. The girl, meh, she’s okay I guess, but pretty much only because she’s got a major league dumper.

The view of Nat as she walks down the beach 😍🔥

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But the guy, no. I hate him and everything he stands for.

According to a Facebook account, Instagram account, and an absurdly over-produced YouTube video — yes, he’s using every social media outlet and a four and a half-minute film to shove this elaborate vacation and his girlfriend’s great ass in our fucking faces — Brandon Lerry lets the world know that he used his $2,500 financial aid check to take his girlfriend of ONLY A FEW MONTHS to Thailand and Laos because she’s never left the country and they “live for adventure.” Okay, asshole. That’s not real life. That’s not something you do for a fling. Go to a few classes and drink cheap beer like your classmates. You dick.

You’ve been dating this chick for a few months and you’re using tuition money to take her across the globe? Uh, fuck you. Take her to dinner, man. Take her to see Biebs in concert — you know she’s putting out after Biebs. Take her to a carnival or some shit — let her go to town on some cotton candy and win her one of those giant fucking panda bears that takes up your entire back seat on the way home. But you don’t book a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list vacay across the word for a casual girlfriend with your tuition money. Idiot. Who do you think you are?

From Daily Mail:

When one 22-year-old was awarded $2,500 in financial aid by his school, he didn’t put it toward pricey textbooks, a backpack, or even a new computer for writing papers. Instead, the young man basically said ‘YOLO’ and blew the entire thing on a romantic vacation with his girlfriend.

Brandon, 22, was given the financial aid check by his Los Angeles-area college to use for school supplies, but decided to find the cash for spring semester textbook some other way, instead spending the money ‘like a boss’ on a ten-day trip to Thailand to surprise his girlfriend of a few months.

Watch the video and let the hate run through you. Note: Dumper shots throughout.

And pics from the obnoxious Instagram account, each one with a devastatingly cheesy caption in case you don’t hate him yet:

We're like two peas in a pod 😘 I love you baby 🚼

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Yeah, this asshole brought his drone with him on vacation because that’s a totally normal thing to do.

By the way, everything about this screams fake to me. I mean yeah they actually traveled to Thailand and made out in waterfalls and all that cheesy shit, but the story is bogus. This is a postcard couple. Contrived and scripted. I guess it’s hard to hate on it at the end of the day because they’ll be sponsored soon and closing book deals or some shit. But at the same time, it’s also really easy to hate everything about this fake dude and his fake movie and his fake girlfriend with the exception of her very real dumper.

[via Daily Mail]

Top image via YouTube

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